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Amjid Javed
3rd February 2005, 18:01
games starts @ 0330am uk time.

Pakistan will go into finals as underdogs but will be carrying momentum of previous results with them into the finals.

The previous 2 occasions where Pak and Aus have clashed in finals, Aus have won both series 2-0

However pakistans greatest ODI moment cane in Australia when they won the world cup in 1992.

Pakistan always seem to collapse under pressure in finals with Australia, inshallah this time round pakistan will stand up and fight.

Please place all pre-during-after match discussion on here please

|-E thanks

3rd February 2005, 18:07
is there any chance of play?

Amjid Javed
3rd February 2005, 18:50
Noddy bhai any team news?

3rd February 2005, 19:00
AJ you changed name ;-)

3rd February 2005, 19:07
can it be anyone who starts the official discussion thread for matches?

cuz i would like to start it sometime as well

Amjid Javed
3rd February 2005, 19:16
|-G yeah, i got a new siganture also!

3rd February 2005, 19:45
Done Well Aj, old id was running out of reputation :-D :-D . If Rana is going to play today ?

Amjid Javed
3rd February 2005, 19:55
i got a felling azhar will play instead of khalil or rao.

i hope not... but just got sad gut feeling!

3rd February 2005, 20:20
haven't seen noddy bhai post here for ages.

I'd go with the same team from the last game.

Latest weather forcast is 60% chance of rain but with sunny intervals so hopefully we can get a good game in.

3rd February 2005, 20:23
They may keep the leftie Khalil and the axe may fall on the unlucky Rao. But Rao has done very poorly against Australia so far, while Azhar has been mediocre in his few chances.

Amjid Javed
3rd February 2005, 20:29
:oD maybe azhars given birth now so wont be tied down with extra weight!

Rob H
3rd February 2005, 21:30
I hope the rain stays away. Inshallah we will get a game

3rd February 2005, 23:41
Gilli and Clark ?-a Rao.

But who will we replace him with???

Hafeez 3 dimensional superstar?
Azzhar PWP (playing while pregnant)??

The point is we should have brang some other bowling options-- esp when Shoaib got hurt, another specialist bowler should have been sent.

I just feel that Pak management never cared about sending the best squad for the VB series. Games against ozz are not the best time to experiment with new bowlers (experimentation should be left to playing agaisnt minnows like the ********* |-U )

4th February 2005, 00:16
like all champion teams, expect the Aussies to bounce back hard. They are wounded by that defeat and will be eager to get revenge against Pak.

Despite him struggling to make the scales I would play Azhar instead of Rao.

4th February 2005, 01:21
VB-Series first final today
Pakistan can achieve the impossible

Pakistan cricket team will take on Australia in the first of the best-of-three finals of the VB Series today at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The team led by Inzamam which has come under some harsh criticism on this tough tour of Australia have really played well in the last week or so and deserved to be in the final. And as West Indian captain Brian Lara said that Pakistan have the ability to beat Australia in the finals to take the title.
Pakistan is one of only three teams other than Australia who have won this World Series competition in Australia. They did it in 1996-97 while the other teams are West Indies and England who have won this tournament which started in late 1970's. Both Australia and Pakistan have been playing good cricket and in case of Pakistan they will enter the finals with confidence high and having peaked at the right time.
It has been raining in Melbourne for the last few days but the ground staff sees no problem due to that weather permitting. The new drainage system that was laid down as part of the refurbishment of the MCG has played its part and the ground is in ideal conditions.
But still the team winning the toss should look to insert the opposition in as some sideways movement will be expected as the pitch will have some moisture in it. This will help Pakistan as of late they have been very successful in chasing targets, which astonishingly only a year or so back, used to be their bane. In this regard credit should go to skipper Inzamam who has been able to instill this into the team that no matter how tough the target may be you can chase it. The wonderful run chase at Perth against Australia was a case in point where despite losing wickets Pakistan team didn't give up and came out victorious against a top notch Australian bowling line.
One certainly feels that the Pakistan team deserved a better deal than what they are getting for their performance in Australia. We should keep in mind that we had meagre resources as far as our players were concerned yet we gave Australia a run for their money in the Test matches. If we call ourselves the most self-critical people it wont be wrong. We just simply don't let any opportunity go by to bash our players. One would like to ask how many teams in the world have been able to stop the Australians at full strength in their own backyard. And we have at least given some good performance.
Coming back to the finals, it has to be accepted that skipper Inzamam against whose captaincy all sorts of questions are being raised, has done a fine job and has played a vital role in Pakistan's qualification for the final. Not only the big man has batted well - leading from the front but he has also captained the side well. The bowling resources have been very thin but Inzi has really managed them well for the team's best advantage and tactically to his maneuvering and field placing have been top notch.
The other theory of his - of preserving wickets early on and then going for a blast in the final overs - is the right thing to do in places like Australia where you don't get the liberty to score freely early on as is the case in the sub-continent. And surely he has hit the nail on the head here.
For the finals, Pakistan team should look at bowling more tightly against Australia as they are a much more stronger batting side than the West Indies. A lot will depend on Rana Naveed and how he bowls after the sad demise of his father. It would be tough. The other bowlers should look and support him well. The fielding will have to improve a lot. Simple and straightforward catches are being dropped which can cost dearly against any team let alone Australia.
The other thing, which has to be sorted out, is the batting order. One feels that Kamran Akmal opening the batting isn't the right choice. Yes, he has made a century at this position but he has been looking out of sorts off late.
Yasir Hameed should open with Butt and Shoaib Malik should come at number three where he had so much success but hasn't batted at during this tournament.
While Kamran should go down to number eight. In this way, we are wasting Malik who had to bat at number eight against West Indies and at number five against Australia.
Thus all in all, it won't be as one sided as it was expected early on. The finals will be a much closer contest. Pakistan need to play to their potential while doing the basics right. They have the ability to beat Australia and achieve the impossible, which will be a big relief and morale booster after not so good results in Tests and for the upcoming Australian tour.

Jedi Knight
4th February 2005, 01:22
Inshallah we'll win 2nite... and then take the trophy home as a soveneir for the teams only real player ie the kotha...

4th February 2005, 01:24
Pakistan should seize the opportunity

What chance Pakistan stands to win the first of three VB series finals against Australia today? Plenty. At least judging from the manner in which the team gelled together in the last two matches.
That the team has also gained a psychological edge over the opponents is to be seen in a self-reassuring statement from ace pace-man McGrath maintaining that Australia would be favorites to win. This is an expression of nerves and uncertainty not seen in the mighty Aussies for at least half a decade if not a longer period of time.
Australia was almost defeated by West Indies during the tri-nation tournament but rain saved it from a second embarrassment; the first was in the Champions Trophy in London last year when the West Indians took the honour from it. The VB series performance against the West Indies exposed their limitations. Pakistan drove that point to the hilt by comprehensive success over the celebrated home team.
Brain Lara has tried to lend a helping hand by assessing that Pakistan has the ability to defeat the Australians. The problem of continuously failing but previously prolific opener Hayden has become an additional chink in the Aussie armor. This is so not because he has been getting out for low to no scores but because Shoaib Akhtar humbled him in the Test series. His loss of confidence has been fully exploited by the rookie Pakistani attack.
All of a sudden, the visitor's weak bowling has growing in to an area of advantage for the tourist. The relatively inexperienced Rana Naveed seems to have inspired his even greener colleagues, Mohammad Khalil and Rao Iftikhar. Both of them bowled well against Australia.
It is to be assumed that Abdur Razzak would not be lacklustre again. That makes them an excellent foursome. With Shahid Afridi displaying growing confidence and acumen, the attack has started developing lethalness.
But the managers of the touring squad need to rethink the playing eleven. The thinking of the captain, Inzamamul Haq that wickets should be retained to launch an attack in the later part of the innings has weight but that should not mean a crawl at the start.
With Salman Butt needing to re-assert himself, the team could do with a more authentic partner for him than Kamran Akmal who should prove a better batsman low down, possibly like Afridi and Abdur Razzak who have become more reliable than they were while playing at higher position. They have come to be feared by opponents and Akmal can also be groomed for a similar role.
The pace quartet plus Afridi are an excellent attack but there would be no harm in beefing up bowling. There are two options: Azhar Mehmood and Mohammad Hafeez. The former would be more of the same in the presence of four medium pacers; the off spin of Hafeez could add variety to the attack.
He would come in handy if one of the bowlers gets a hiding. Moreover, he can be batted as opener or one drop. A playing eleven composed along these lines would give the Aussies a harder run for their money, particularly as Hafeez performed reasonably well as batsman in his last outing. Yasir Hameed should be persisted with.
As the two main batsmen of the side Inzamam and Yousuf Youhana have hit mid season form, the batting that was a plus point of the team even in the Test series that inflicted a white-wash on the visitors, followed by Abdur Razzak, Afridi and Akmal, with Rana gaining confidence as batsman too, there is every reason to expect the players to produce a tough target for Australia or chase a challenging one. With the boys bristling with confidence and zeal in the field, Pakistan has started looking like a difficult-to-beat outfit with winning combinations.
The team seems to have faulted in one way. This has been so possibly because the players are not fully versed in the ways of the world and Bob Woolmer and Haroon Rashid failed to provide them guidance. They should have worn black armbands after the death of Younis Khan's father.
As Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board, experienced diplomat Shaharyar Khan is now with the team, one hopes they do that now to show solidarity with colleague Rana Naveed's grief whose father passed away the other day. His courage in staying with the team instead of returning home for mourning should also be acknowledged.

4th February 2005, 01:59
interesting to read McGrath stating that he thought this was a bad time for the Aussies to be playing Pakistan. Perhaps a bit of reverse psychology ?

4th February 2005, 02:17
Wat r the chances of rain today.

4th February 2005, 02:20
weather update (YAHOO)
Today: Showers this morning becoming a steady light rain during the afternoon hours. High 67F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

Tonight: Steady light rain this evening. Showers continuing overnight. Low 58F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

4th February 2005, 02:47
So....Rana IS playing?

4th February 2005, 03:18
Hafeez in for Yasir!

Toss will be vital in todayís match, says skipper Inzamam

By Waheed Khan

KARACHI: Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq said on the eve of the first VB series one-day final against Australia on Thursday that the toss is going to be vital because of persistent rains in Melbourne.

"Look, it has been raining heavily here for the last two days and we have not been able to see the pitch as yet since it has been covered. In such circumstances I think the toss will be vital for both teams. Because you donít know how the pitch is going to behave in these circumstances," Inzamam said on telephone.

He also confirmed that there would be just one change in the Pakistan line-up for the first final with Muhammad Hafeez replacing Yasir Hameed.

"We have been forced to make this change because it is very risky going into a game against Australia with just five bowlers. So we require someone who can bowl a few overs properly which is why we are going to play Hafeez," he explained.

Inzamam said that Australia naturally started off as favourites in the best-of-three finals but said he had confidence in his team as it had performed well under pressure in the last two matches.

"Obviously, myself and Yousuf (Youhana) have vital roles to play as senior batsmen. But we have got this far because of a concerted team effort and that is going to be our strength in the finals."

Inzamam said in the last few days he had been telling his players to be wary of the Australians who had the capability of bouncing back in the crunch and big matches.

The Pakistan skipper said he was happy that finally the team had adjusted to the Australian playing conditions and felt it was a good idea to have long tours instead of back to back matches which is the normal procedure these days.

"On such long tours the younger players get time to adjust and show their true worth," he added.

Recalling his hearing with match referee Chris Broad which led to a 100 % match fee fine on him for slow over-rates, Inzamam said he had gone to the meeting with a heavy heart.

"To be honest I was very scared that I was going to be banned for the finals. But when the match referee announced the fine I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God because money is nothing but missing out on the finals would have been a disaster for me and the team."

4th February 2005, 04:01

This says it is clear on Friday

4th February 2005, 04:02

This says Mostly Cloudy



4th February 2005, 04:20
Pakistan Zindabad!!! all those at the MCG will live to remember, that this ground is a spiritual home for Pakistan Cricket, 1992 world cup, and now 1st VB final!!! (okay, we have lost there as well, but it's the wins that count, init??? ;-))

4th February 2005, 04:48
weather will be fine, chill out everyone!!!

4th February 2005, 05:03
hmmm ... Hafeez did do quite well in his last game with the bat. it would make sense if Malik plays at 3, and Hafeez takes his spot? No point playing Malik if he won't be at the top of the order. Then again, if the top order does click, with Malik, Afridi and Razzaq, the lower order becomes even more explosive ... dammit just let Malik bowl so that we can settle our lineup and play that extra batsman!!!!

4th February 2005, 05:51
Any idea who the umpires for the game are?

4th February 2005, 07:48
Anyone got a audio or video like. Come on help a brother out.

4th February 2005, 07:50
Any video or audio links?

4th February 2005, 07:52
wheres the mufta tv video link

4th February 2005, 07:54
Not working>>>

4th February 2005, 07:55
i know its not working.im asking why

4th February 2005, 07:57
Gilchrist was almost run out in the first over :o^

4th February 2005, 07:58
only 32 replies for this thread ??
come on ppl !!
wherez the passion ??

4th February 2005, 07:59
Dude...how should i know?

4th February 2005, 08:09
I see some signs of good fielding, what happened to our team?

4th February 2005, 08:10
Rana with his Damn no balls.

4th February 2005, 08:13
Rao is bowling quite well

4th February 2005, 08:14
Razzak drops Clark; we'll regret that!

4th February 2005, 08:15
A dropped catch, so it is our team!

4th February 2005, 08:18
Anyone know how is light and latest rain forecast?

4th February 2005, 08:22

4th February 2005, 08:22
Rana beautiful delivery!

4th February 2005, 08:23
a key wicket as clark goes !!!

Officer Barbrady
4th February 2005, 08:25
tony greig change of policy my as&!

4th February 2005, 08:25
I think this is how it happened:
Well done rana.[/url]

4th February 2005, 08:31
Ponting was out LBW - but unfortunately we have an ozzy umpire- SHAMELESS !!!!

Officer Barbrady
4th February 2005, 08:38
WHat is a LOCAL umpire doing in a FINAL match????

4th February 2005, 08:41
razzaq makes up for the drop earlier!!

what a catch to get gilchrist!!!!1

4th February 2005, 08:41
khalil will get gilchrist

he just did

4th February 2005, 08:41
Runs are flowing now. There should be a change in bowling.

4th February 2005, 08:41
Wat a catch razzaq

4th February 2005, 08:42
I jus feel soooooo sorry for rana whenever i see him on screen ... i dont why but i do

Officer Barbrady
4th February 2005, 08:42
Well done! Healy is a good commentator

4th February 2005, 08:42
Or a wicket will do it. Sounds like a good catch. Can't see it.

4th February 2005, 08:45
rao bowls ponting !!!!

excellant bowling from rao today!!

4th February 2005, 08:50
ok, i have a bad feeling lads, symonds is going to play his usual superman innings against us.

As for Rao i am so happy for the boy, the unluckiest bowler i have EVER seen.



4th February 2005, 08:50
i jus hope they keep the pressure up i dont want synmond makin runs

4th February 2005, 08:53
See the ozzy line up, it never bloody ends

4th February 2005, 08:54
I dont kno why do v have to have 2 diff threads one for discusion and another one for official score both at the end in discusion wont it be betta to have one.

4th February 2005, 08:59
i agree badxshah
its quite silly to have two of em

its just a pp thing
in my mind u can update the score n do the discussion but they want the sone for serious detailed posts

4th February 2005, 09:00
coz we r *****, everything is complex to us, and if it aint complex we make it complex

4th February 2005, 09:03
Runs are not slowing down at all. It is looking dangerous to me.

4th February 2005, 09:04
symonds looking dangerous
cmon razzaq n get em

4th February 2005, 09:05
Synmond reminding us of 2003 form

4th February 2005, 09:06
Symonds is flying away. There should be a way to slow him down.

4th February 2005, 09:12
khalil bowling a line which would be ideal to
LH batsmen not Rh who are milkin him

Synmond Dangerous

4th February 2005, 09:12
khalil getting killed!!

Bring in 3 dimensional super star Hafeez

|-U |-U |-U

4th February 2005, 09:19
Kashif, why you call Khalil 3D? Can he keep as well?

4th February 2005, 09:22
How were these appeals, anywhere close?

4th February 2005, 09:23
yaar both were clean out form afridi, hawk eye showing both going on to hit the stumes, the second shout was plumb!

4th February 2005, 09:25
man i hate this umpiring fiasco
these aussies cheating us off ne momentum

4th February 2005, 09:26
Rana might want to take up some American Football, Just rugby tackled khalil.

Bloody comical, but i like the enthusiasm!

4th February 2005, 09:28
lmao, "the Afridi" just said to yoyo after his fielding, "BOHAT ALAA KAKA"!

lol class!

4th February 2005, 09:31
Wth is goin on here they were both out and they even didnt bother to comment on them ..

i wana swear here... i cant stand mark nicolas .......

they are praisin synmond come on comment on the lucky break both of them got crap

4th February 2005, 09:35
This partnership has to break asap. This is looking very dangerous. Hit the stumps if pads do not work.

4th February 2005, 09:37
50 for symo

4th February 2005, 09:38
Symonds has done the damage, it can only get worst from here. Only a fortunate incident can save us now.

4th February 2005, 09:39
pak has already bowled an extra over in "extras"

4th February 2005, 09:40

Abdul Razzaq just had Symonds PLUMB!!!!!

I cant understand what game these 2 umpires r watching!!

4th February 2005, 09:40
I think it is time to change Afridi. Does he bother the batsman at all at this moment? May be this is time to bring on Kashif's 3D man.

4th February 2005, 09:41
i am pretty sure.. that Symonds appeal kean mentioned was going down the leg...

4th February 2005, 09:42
Oh my gosh

is anyone listening to the ABC radio comentary?

The commentator just said "id like to put a speed gun and see who's faster kumble or afridi"



4th February 2005, 09:44
cmon pakistan
beat these cheating motherf uckers

4th February 2005, 09:44
Civil, where do you get this comentary?

4th February 2005, 09:45

try this link

4th February 2005, 09:46
do u know who are the commentators right now...

4th February 2005, 09:48
What kills me is that the Australian commentator is singing the praises of Symonds and Martyn when they both should be back in the dressing room.

4th February 2005, 09:49
Thanks Civil, I got it. You just helped another Canadian Mind, Pakistani Heart in Toronto!

4th February 2005, 09:49
some west indian guy fazeer mohammad

and Australian guy

4th February 2005, 09:50
its the umpires they shud be praising, naveed! :)

4th February 2005, 09:52
no problem kasoo,
I am in Toronto right now as well!!

4th February 2005, 09:58
They do not grade Pakistan very well. Saying we got a chance b/c Lara was down.

4th February 2005, 09:59
thats not what they meant Kasoo...

4th February 2005, 10:02
Cant ch9 find good commentators and replace nicolas ..or all of them want to become umpires

4th February 2005, 10:02
pakistan is just trying to contain right now... which seems like a risky proposition...

4th February 2005, 10:06
hey mods can i swear at the umpires and some of the commentators i wana get my fustration out :-P

4th February 2005, 10:09
Guys I just realized Damien Martyn hasn't hit a single boundary.

He's almost got 50

has anyone scored 50 without a boundary?
a 100?

4th February 2005, 10:10
14 overs to go

unless we get some wickets soon
they can get close to 300

4th February 2005, 10:15
maybe a 50...but 100 in a ODI without a boundary is probably impossible...

4th February 2005, 10:16
What's with that "**** **** ****" sign?

4th February 2005, 10:17
direct that question to that cricinfo fellas.
its an interesting one.

martyn looking to loosen up now though

4th February 2005, 10:20
Stumpped finally. Martin gone!

4th February 2005, 10:23
Who is out second? I wish it is symonds.

4th February 2005, 10:24
Lehmann gone

4th February 2005, 10:25
Well Lehmann is also dangerous now a days. But we have to get rid of symonds asap.

4th February 2005, 10:26
Woo, Afridi nearly getting a hattrick!!

4th February 2005, 10:26
This is at least second time ozzy has lost a wicket off a reverse sweep. Why are they trying it again and again. Was it ozzy or wi when someone got out same way?

4th February 2005, 10:28
Very interesting comment. It is a record getting a golden duck off a reverse sweep.

4th February 2005, 10:31
Also interesting is comment from Mushtaq Muhammad that Shoaib is not critical for Indian tour.

4th February 2005, 10:34
cmon pakistan
time for the quick bowlers to do some damage

4th February 2005, 10:35
rana bhai is first up

4th February 2005, 10:39
5 overs Hopefully they'll keep the total below 250 guys

4th February 2005, 10:41
I do not think they can get to 300, it would be very bad performance from Pakistan if it happens.

4th February 2005, 10:43
Davis strikes again

4th February 2005, 10:43
250 sounds more likely. Let us see.

4th February 2005, 10:43
Katich gone


4th February 2005, 10:44
He had to get KAtich out twice

4th February 2005, 10:44
Symonds out! Very well bold by razzak

4th February 2005, 10:46
^-! ^-! ^-! ^-!

Razzaq on hatrick

4th February 2005, 10:46
Is wattson any good with the bat. I know Lee can throw it around.

4th February 2005, 10:48
It could be soo coool to bold out ozzys for less then 250 and then defeat them!!!

|-E |-E |-E |-E

4th February 2005, 10:48
Watsons a better bat than Lee
according to media never really seen him bat

4th February 2005, 10:53
I think it might just happen. Ozzy bold out for less than 250 and Pakistan winning.

4th February 2005, 10:53
Beatutiful catch by Hafeez!

4th February 2005, 10:54
What happen to our team, why they are catching so well????

4th February 2005, 10:54
Great death bowling!!

Akhtar who???

4th February 2005, 10:57
I wonder if spinich dite was really having an effect on Razzak.

4th February 2005, 11:01
ok, so we have to hit the stumps to get ozzys out. Nothing else works.

4th February 2005, 11:02
Rana getting unlucky, i still think a total below 250 is great, need to buckle down

4th February 2005, 11:02
I couldnt have spoke soon enuff


4th February 2005, 11:05
Pakistan did half the job. I am not sure how are conditions, what effect can rain have? It just got so interesting. I have to get to work in the morning. Or I can just call in sick!

4th February 2005, 11:08
Pakistan did half the job. I am not sure how are conditions, what effect can rain have? It just got so interesting. I have to get to work in the morning. Or I can just call in sick!Pakistan with a great chance to go 1 up in the bestof3 finals. Need some cool heads out there who can bat calmly and collectively.

Take it slow to start. 15 overs target shud be 50 for 1 wkt or less.

4th February 2005, 11:13

GREAT outfield play, they've done themselves extremely proud. Even if we dont win today, we can take so much heart from how we handled most of this innings!!

Kasoo, if it's any help, there's an expected surge in these months in the number of people getting the flu :|v

4th February 2005, 11:19
Pakistan did extremely well even though we were very unlucky because of the ****** umpiring...I just hope we go finish the job with the bat :)

Awesome Anjum
4th February 2005, 11:28
When does our Inns begin (GMT) ?

4th February 2005, 11:30
when did the first innings end??

4th February 2005, 11:58
The whole team bowled brilliantly today let by Rana.
Pakistan very unlucky with the umpiring otherwise Australia would have been gone for under 200.

Mixed bag from Pakistan in the field with regards to fielding, Razzaq and Khalil dropped catches but then Razzaq pulled of an amazing catch a one handed leaping catch at mid on.

Inzy catching the powerfull hit by Symonds at the edge of the circle.

Hafeez catching Lee on the boundary edge bowl would have gone for 6 otherwise.

All set for Pakistan to chase down the target.

4th February 2005, 11:59
all they need now is a good start and hopefully some good umpiring!...the Australian umpire should be hanged for the kind of umpiring he did today |-F

4th February 2005, 12:01
We should look for a slow solid start.
15 overs 50 runs if just fine.

4th February 2005, 12:04
damn damn salman gone for a duck!

4th February 2005, 12:05
he may have gotten an inside edge

interesting replay thisll be

4th February 2005, 12:07
I think inzi and yoyo might come in bit late today after malik...hafeez upsets the batting order...I really hope these kids do some thing special before the big bats come out..

4th February 2005, 12:08
im waiting for snicko to show the edge

didnt seem like one but butt was very dissappointed with the decision

4th February 2005, 12:10
well kamran goes as well...okiee *** are they doing?

4th February 2005, 12:11
Bad Bad start.

4th February 2005, 12:12
he handed it right to the fielder
what a show was that

batsmen not checking the field

pakistan in deep ****

4th February 2005, 12:13
we need a solid sturdy start
we sure havent got one

youhanna out there already

4th February 2005, 12:15
yoyo bowled

4th February 2005, 12:16
This seriously sux!!

4th February 2005, 12:16

nazar lag gayee pakistan ko
152.4 km/h

pakistan getting rolled over

4th February 2005, 12:17
yoyo goes i think pakistan have hit the self destruct button here

4th February 2005, 12:19
what a horrible start.

Lotsa pressure now on the rest of the team.

4th February 2005, 12:22
Can we keep discussions to this thread and score updates in the score thread.


4th February 2005, 12:23
Finally an over without a wicket

The 237 looking galaxies away at the moment

4th February 2005, 12:33
i just want these two to stay till the 40th over ... and then Razzaq and afridi can take over from there

make 200~ runs in 10 overs ...

also ... I hate to say this ... but i don't see hafeez lasting in there wrong

4th February 2005, 12:37
Hafeez will prove you wrong tonight

4th February 2005, 12:46
gillespie on
a little respite from Lee after 5 bruising overs

4th February 2005, 12:58
Hafeez will prove you wrong tonight

hafeez |-A

4th February 2005, 13:22

4th February 2005, 14:51
Guys, do not loose it yet. Anything can happen when Afridi is there.

4th February 2005, 15:46
we shud have won 2day. the unpredictability still remains. we mangae to chase 270 a week ago and can't chase 240. Now Sydney is a do or die game. we mangaed to win the last do or die game, lets hope we can do it agian. COME ON!! PAK POWER!!

4th February 2005, 15:50
Would have should have been a stroll in the park if the top order did not collapse inside 10 overs, game was therefore Pakistan to win after all the hard work of the bowlers who bowled well as a unit, and are supposedly the weak part of the team, but when it comes to Finals it is the top order who have let us down time and time again.

4th February 2005, 16:26
did anyone see them australian kids saying "Pakistan hare ga! pakistan hare ha!"