View Full Version : Becks - A RipRoaring Success or a Big Mistake?

14th January 2007, 17:56
Will David Beckham be the saviour of US Soccer or will it all go pear shaped for him ?

14th January 2007, 18:26
If Pele couldnt do anything for US soccer - I doubt a free kick specialist from London will do it!

He's going for the money - and theres nothing wrong with that.

The amount of money he is on will probably bankrupt the US soccer leagues!!!

14th January 2007, 18:50
Will David Beckham be the saviour of US Soccer

:))) :))) :)))

14th January 2007, 20:04
He'll just be outclassed in the states as well.

Geordie Ahmed
14th January 2007, 21:37
He certainly aint the saviour of US soccer - infact i think this will do more harm than good for them - i mean the amount of money he is getting could have been better spent on the grass roots of football, ensuring there was young local talent coming through

Though from Beckhams pov its easy money so i can certainly understand why he is going there

so my answer is from MLS pov its a big mistake BUT from Beckhams pov its gonna be a riproaring success cos of the dollars

15th January 2007, 17:50
what exactly does US saaakker need sacing from?

15th January 2007, 18:20
Lets face it - 'soccer' in the USA is played by middle class white kids. Their parents wouldnt dream of watching/playing the game - like they would say baseball or US Football.

Easy easy easy money - dont blame him for taking it!