View Full Version : Snooker: Master 2007

20th January 2007, 23:40
Anybody following this? Ding looks very impressive.Knocked out Hendry today :19:

22nd January 2007, 01:45
Rocket Ronny on fire tonight. 9-3 UP (FIRST TO 10)

Ding does a O'Sullivan and it looks like he has thrown in the towel....

although Rocket Ronny is trying to change his mind...

22nd January 2007, 02:56
Ronnie wins it 10-3. It was all going off in the final frame. Some shouting, crowd disturbances and loud cheering. Some idiot got chucked out for shouting at Ronnie or Ding, not sure.

Not based on this performance, but I must say Ding is looking a great propect for world snooker. Anyways well done to O'Sulllivan :14: :14:

23rd January 2007, 01:59
Ding did'nt realise it was first to 11 frames....