View Full Version : Homecoming

5th February 2007, 14:34
BB Benazir has declared (in a press release held in Washington) that she would be returning to Pakistan in the end of October or early Novemebr this year. Well, I would like to know what has she been doing all these years out of Pakistan and now she wants to land there (for elections)....

6th February 2007, 12:32
Benazir is just trying to make the most out of this election's opportunity. Let's hope the people of Pakistan make a wise decision in the upcoming elections.

6th February 2007, 12:42
whoever gets selected will be another money seeking corrupt politician, for whom the people would not have even voted for :)

6th February 2007, 12:51
there are "news" that there has been deal between Mush and PPP abt this matter.
And recently court in Pak have lifted her arrest warent, so there is alot of things happening in background as elections are coming near.