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30th January 2005, 02:52
Guys I'm building my website, and I desperately need a good, reliable and trustful webhoster, with huge bandwidth and webspace, but little tweenie tiny price. A domain name as well, free if possible, like those URL redirectors. Throw and waste your knowledge here as water, please.


Feather sorry to suck your brain-cells again, I have come across www.futurequest.net (http://www.futurequest.net/Services/Packages/) host, was recommended by www.thefreecountry.com (http://www.thefreecountry.com/index.shtml).

Can you have a short look at it. To me it does seem a 'sincere' one as they aren't hyping up and lying about their bandwidth and space stuff. Just want a little insight on this from you. And one more thing, I'm living in UK, is it o'right for me to have them as a host, I think they're based in US.

dan hudson
30th January 2005, 02:53
I have used www.seem.co.uk in the past.

30th January 2005, 02:57
How were they? Do they provide what they advertise? Helpline was good? Why you left them?


dan hudson
30th January 2005, 02:59
I still use them and have found them reliable over the past three years, just renewed my deal with them.

Have never used the helpline.

Take a look at their website.

30th January 2005, 05:46
Ok will do right away. ;-)

30th January 2005, 07:11
so what's your web site about entras? work or pleasure?

30th January 2005, 07:17
Its called "Entra Allures - Not meant for Ladies"

30th January 2005, 07:22
*LOL* -

My bet is on a specialist site catering for Stamp collecting Macho men who like to wear leather in the comfort of their bedrooms..hmm black penny is it?!!

30th January 2005, 07:25
:oD :oD :oD :?d

Geordie Ahmed
30th January 2005, 10:31
:oD :oD :oD

28th May 2015, 13:28
Did you finish building your site bro?

28th May 2015, 15:02
Random bump :-/