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6th October 2007, 22:01
I have accepted PP members as my helpers in a time of need.

Those of you who have done MUN, will understand more, but those of you who haven't can also help.

I basically have to write a position paper on the Environment/The Kyoto Protocol that was developed in 1992. But guess what my delegation is!? SAUDI ARABIA. I have to be the unluckiest person ever, and this is what is making my job so hard.

So, if you have done MUN, and know what it is, can you please help me by telling me what I can research or those of you who don't can you help me out with some information, or how I can DEFEND my country?

All help will be greatly appreciated.

7th October 2007, 02:11
No one can help?


7th October 2007, 03:36
If you take MUN and you add "na" to the end, it spells what you are....munna!

/End Rant

7th October 2007, 06:10
oh man i thought i had recieved some assistence

7th October 2007, 06:22
oh man i thought i had recieved some assistence
lmao!! :)))

but sorry to disappoint you again yaar, i have no clue what MUN is... if i knew about it, i would have helped. :|

7th October 2007, 07:11
Well do you have any knowledge of the history of Saudi Arabia's involvment in the Kyoto Protocol or how they have helped the environment in the past?

7th October 2007, 07:20
I did MUN nearly 6 years ago and was in the Environmental bit but was Ukraine so nothing I did would really apply to Saudi. As for Saudi Arabian environmental efforts, cant really think of any off hand.

7th October 2007, 10:15
Arite, but you can help me a little. Do you remeber what you said and what you researched?

7th October 2007, 10:30
Said a few things about Nuclear Proliferation (or a more responsible approach towards it) but when it came down to voting resolutions, I did whatever Russia did...
Having said that, it doesnt really have much relevance to you

7th October 2007, 10:35
Environment and Saudi Arabia? Thats pretty irrelevant.. maybe you should have gone in Disarmament.

7th October 2007, 15:22
I didn't have a choice. Its just a mock.

Irrelevent? Environment and Saudi? They are part of the problem, I mean they are the biggest exporters in the world.