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6th February 2005, 21:57
By Our Correspondent at PKH (Pakistanhomepage.com)

- Gov. have decided to construct footpaths on the side of roads everywere in Lahore, (all of the private owned societys allready have them)

- PACE mall on link road is just about complete now, they said it will open soon. Link road has also really developed and is turning real urban, it allready has a few other malls under construction there. the pace on mm alam road is still u/c, it would take about 15 months more to complete.

- Sheraton hotels will be constructed a 5 star hotel in lahore soon, also one of indias biggest hotel company obrois are also coming Lahore.

- There is also a 40 storey tower coming up on main boulvard, Gulberg. main boulvard will become a mini shiek zayed road

- Also this is abit old, there is a multiplex cinema coming to fortress stadium, construction did start a while ago and is in full swing right now.

- Gov. setting up overhead bridge on main boulevard infront of pace, because is very wide and busy, its hard to cross, so you can now walk over bridge.

6th February 2005, 22:03
More of these kind of threads suhaib. What's going on in Karachi? Gwadar?

6th February 2005, 23:14
well i know mostly about lahore, very little about karachi and gwadar, but gwadar port is completed and will open in march when chiense presidant comes over here and also one of the world biggest buildings is under construction in karachi and dha waterfront is getting a huge uplift you can see al pictures on PKH, just go to forums there.

Officer Barbrady
7th February 2005, 04:45
thanks for the info

7th February 2005, 05:21
as usual Punjab gets everything

screw the sindhi's a bit

dont even ask what happens to the poor Baluchi's and the Frontier Province...ahaha..lol

7th February 2005, 10:24
What a pic of Karachi.


Karachi is really becoming into something. Lahore is brilliant too. First time been to and am still in Lahore it beautiful but not as much fun as Karachi. :-D