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9th February 2005, 01:08
Amazed today when I was going to send an e-mail at work and the spellcheck did not recognise the word halal ?

9th February 2005, 01:14
now yovue made me think, how many of such words are there waisay
burqa, purdah ?

ps saj, i hope its you posting from your acct because I dont remember you ever posting OT :oD

9th February 2005, 03:00
i bet purdah is in the new dictionary and so is mullah(well that was always there, so wud be madrassah). u know those 'terrorist' type affiliated terms

9th February 2005, 07:05
Did it recognize haram? :-p

9th February 2005, 16:50
haha Umar. It took a lot of soul searching to type the letters OT.

Abdul Qadir 236
11th February 2005, 05:42
does Halal just refer to food or like Haram is it everything?

11th February 2005, 05:45
Halal means permissable or acceptable

Haraam means forbidden.

Apply it to any situation really.

Abdul Qadir 236
11th February 2005, 05:47