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the SHA
11th February 2009, 06:23
The infamous Hassan Butt - vigorous British Pakistani Al Qaeda recruiter for Pakistani 'jihadi training camps' admits making the whole thing up for cash.

Hassan Butt admits telling lies for money and fame

The extent of Hassan Butt’s fabrication of his ‘ex extremist’ past have come to light today as restrictions on his evidence given in court in December 2008 have been lifted.

Hassan Butt, who courted much media attention by describing himself as someone who had helped British Muslims attend al Qaeda type training camps abroad admitted that:

"At no point have I ever been training, have I ever been a jihadi."

Explaining his motives on fabricating a violent extremist past, he said he told stories ‘the media wanted to hear’ and that he did so ‘to make money’.

Under cross examination by Andrew Edis QC, Butt was asked: "So, you were a professional liar then?

Butt replied: "I would make money, yes."

Edis continued: "If the money's right you'll say absolutely anything?"

"Absolutely anything, yes," Butt replied. "If I wasn't going to cash up on it, someone else was going to cash up on it”, he said.

So lucrative is the market for so called ex extremists, and so well courted are those that blame ‘Islamism as an ideology’ for terrorism, that the truth behind claims such as Butt’s are rarely probed or scrutinized.

By placing the blame for threats to security on Islam and ‘radicalised Muslims’, people like Butt have allowed the government and neo-cons to deflect attention from its actual causes; the war on terror and British foreign policy.

Ziauddin Sardar noted in a comment piece following the establishment of the Quilliam Foundation, that:

‘British foreign policy has a direct bearing on nurturing extremism. The occupation of Iraq, the byproducts of the "war on terror", the perpetual suffering of the Palestinians are not amenable to Sufi solutions or deprogramming techniques. So we don't need neocon ex-extremists to tell us what extremism is about. They are part of the problem, not the solution.’

But when the government, the media and neo-cons will court those that point the finger of blame at Muslims and pay them handsomely for telling lies, is it any wonder that opportunists like Butt arise?

Source: http://www.iengage.org.uk/component/content/article/1-news/241-hassan-butt-admits-telling-lies-for-money-and-fame

11th February 2009, 08:37
You must be kidding me. It is a big surprise to me.

11th February 2009, 09:55
Lol. That is all that can be said.

11th February 2009, 09:58
lol... wow that's shameful to be honest.

reminds me a quote from a German Poet by the name of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

“There is nothing in the world more shameful than establishing one's self on lies and fables.”

the true passionist
11th February 2009, 11:08
I doubt that he is any better than the terrorists themselves.

Most terrorists defame Islam and hurt humanity believing that they are doing the right thing but this guy has hurt Islam and people only for money.

the Great Khan
11th February 2009, 12:14
LOL I knew this years ago..all these al muhajiroun boys are all the same..liars and frauds...these guys were preaching Islam while doing card scams etc..total agents!!

the SHA
12th February 2009, 05:14
Another article in todays Guardian:

The 'Islamist' who wasn't

The fact that a 'professional liar' hoodwinked the media and government is a damning indictment of UK de-radicalising policy

Inayat Bunglawala guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 11 February 2009

He was a self-confessed al-Qaida insider who in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks was interviewed by all the major news networks eager to hear his fiery rhetoric.

Following the 7/7 bombings, he told us that he had now recognised the error of his ways and was committed to countering "Islamism". He was going to spill the beans in a keenly anticipated book called Leaving al-Qaida relating how he had gone about recruiting British Muslims to go overseas and fight.

The American CBS network's flagship documentary programme 60 Minutes broadcast an interview with him in March 2007 in which he talked about his "recruiting and fundraising techniques" in his extremist days.

Government ministers such as Tony McNulty sought an audience with him in order to listen to his learned thoughts on how to de-radicalise young Muslims.

Nick Cohen praised him for steering British Muslims:

... away from violence while teaching wider society that radical Islam is not a rational reaction to Western provocation, but a totalitarian ideology with a life of its own.

Ed Husain, an admirer and also an "ex-Islamist" warned:

In Manchester in April [2007], Hassan Butt, a one-time jihadist who is now opposed to extremism, was stabbed and beaten for speaking out against fanaticism. He now lives in hiding.

There was only one problem with all this though – it was complete ********.

Hassan Butt's admission in court that he was a "professional liar" who said what "the media wanted to hear" because all he was really interested in was making money will not have come as a surprise to many British Muslims who have long viewed him as a charlatan.

Butt "confessed he had also stabbed himself in the arm to make it appear as if he had been attacked by extremists for speaking out against violence."

The tens of millions of pounds that the government has poured into its preventing violent extremism programme has inevitably attracted a number of self-professed "ex-Islamists" who are prepared to say exactly what the government and sections of the media want to hear ie that the rise of violent extremism in the UK has little to do with our government's warmongering abroad and is mainly the fault of "Islamist ideology".

Such an answer of course perfectly suits the government, which does not favour closer scrutiny of the impact of some of its actions abroad.

It also suits those like Cohen who were enthusiastic propagandists for those misbegotten wars.

With the election of Barack Obama and his warmly received call for there to be a "new partnership based on mutual respect and mutual interest" between the United States and the Muslim world, there at long last exists an opportunity to make amends for some of the disastrous mistakes of the past.

If we in the UK are to also avail ourselves of that opportunity it will require the government to do more than simply offer what are in effect bribes to those who are willing to turn a blind eye to its unjust policies.


12th February 2009, 05:37
Absolute disgrace. Trust no one. They are all sell outs.

Butcher face spotter
12th February 2009, 06:13
How do we know he is saying the truth now ?

12th February 2009, 09:36
How do we know he is saying the truth now ?


He said it under oath at court. Why would he expose himself on purpose?

12th February 2009, 18:29
I'm not really surprised..

I mean how often is it you get "Reformed" "Islamists's" confessing random things. Never.

This guy made himself a mini-celebrity and played naive simpletons as children and probably made himself abit of money at it.

What did he do? Chat alot of poppycock to make tabloids happy and grin whilst take a few pay-cheques.

I Personally think it goes to show how hungry and eager western "News Sources" are to take in Nonsense and sell it on.