View Full Version : pigs have flown....

7th July 2005, 20:24
it's the most important re-union in the history of rock music. roger waters reunited with the rest of the band for live8.
i know it's a bit late to start a hread on it but i got a chance to watch their 4 songs on winamp videos. wah kia baat he!!

if u look at the poll at bbc abt live8, u can see the amazing difference between votes for pf and the rest.


7th July 2005, 20:40
When i saw the title of the thread i thought it was a newsflash on MIGs now infamous fragrant colleague

Officer Barbrady
8th July 2005, 01:51
Where did you watch the videos??

8th July 2005, 03:28
if u have winamp installed, it comes with media library(u've to be online for that), u can find these in winamp videos.
i think u can also find them on winamp's website, aol music etc.

8th July 2005, 08:02
comfortably numb i have heard was by far the best
as a floyd fan, what a moment!