View Full Version : Things I want to say but can't always say

14th March 2009, 14:33
This thread is only for people who understand urdu or punjabi (preferably both) and more importantly people who are not exactly pressed for time. Extraordinary intelligence is another pre-requisite.

Consider this situation:

Somebody gets successful in something (lands a position somewhere, wins some prize, get promoted etc), and people naturally congratulate him and hype the whole thing up by saying how great he is etc.

Now he can easily brush the whole thing off as something random (which it most probably is) or as a good thing ordained by Allah (which it definitely is) but he doesn't. Instead, he believes the hype himself (always a dangerous thing to do) and tries to play the 'arrogance masquerading as humility' card like this:

He: Allah ka shukar hai ke aaj mai is muqaam par khara hoon.


He: Ye mere maa baap ki dwaaein hain jo mai is muqaam par faaiz hoon.

I (want to say): Kis muqaam par khare ho? Yaar tum kisi khaas muqaam par faaiz naheen ho? Yaar tum kuhh bhhi naheen ho. Yaar tum 'kuchh bhi naheen' bhi naheen ho

Sadly (barring a few people who I am very frank with) I have to be diplomatic when I hear this kind of crap. :po:

Consider another situation (this time let me use punjabi as the medium of conversation):

Actually it's the same situation in that some sort of achievement has been made by somebody. This time add 'good' news such as getting engaged, getting married etc. as well.

So you meet the guy after the incident and congratulate him thus:

I: Tohannoo mubarak howe shaadi

He: Tohannoo wi howe

I (want to say): Naa mainoon kiyoon mubaarak howe? Vyaah mai keeta eh ke toon?

Watch this space for more. Feel free to add yours as well.