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Waqar's inswinging yorker
13th February 2005, 00:36
good programme on bbc2 - !!!!

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 00:38
no comment!

Geordie Ahmed
13th February 2005, 00:48
I was thinking about wathcing it but i thought forget it cos i know what i need to know about him and that is that he is a tw@t

Waqar's inswinging yorker
13th February 2005, 00:49
he is a tw@t- i wouldnt vote for him either- but he is a damn goo speaker - can twist anything - genius in that respect but i wont vote for him

Waqar's inswinging yorker
13th February 2005, 00:50

gary your man used to be a PLAYA - he used to be a member of a sex club at cambridge uni

Waqar's inswinging yorker
13th February 2005, 00:51
hahahaha - he looked like elvis as a youngster!!!

oooo - howard at one point nearly joined labour!!!!!!

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 00:54
He is the only hope if we want to keep our freedom.
Labour like in the 70s have totally wrecked us, we need a Conservative govt that stands up for BRITAIN.

13th February 2005, 01:19
Always makes me laugh when I remember his humiliation at the hands of Jeremy Paxman. Made to look like a right prat.

Despite the effort to project a veneer of moderation and niceness, he's really a nasty, opportunistic right-winger.

Officer Barbrady
13th February 2005, 01:20
erm ggm, this is offtopic but your comments on Imran Farhat and his talent/lack of please.

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 01:21
17 times!
and he admitted it on newsnight recently.

ggm, i think the trouble is the Tories are almost ashamed to be right wing. Country needs a party who stands up for Britain and its people and not people who look to undermine this country.



13th February 2005, 01:53

Imran Farhat has talent, but there are some temperamental and technical deficiencies. His defensive shot is poor, primarily because he defends too far in front of his body (due to a stagnant front foot), and does so with hard hands, and an open face. When defending, you should do so within your body width, and thus you should not need to open the face of your bat. (When attacking it is fine to open the face of the bat, but in defence it is unnecessary.) He has also recently fallen into the trap of pulling in the air (he used to pull beautifully).

However a strong mind can overcome technical problems, and therefore more debilitating for Imran has been a weak temperament. In Australia he looked insecure, and anxious. He batted like a man who did not believe he belonged. More generally from the start of his career his shot-selection has been suspect, partly because he does not bat with a plan. At times he over-attacks, on other occasions he plays totally against his natural instincts. A happy medium has yet to be located on a consistent basis for him.

In sum, talented yes, but needs to work on the mental side of the game. Perhaps he has been over-loaded with advice, and needs to sit down and work out by himself how to go about proceedings. Too much advice can complicate matters sometimes.

Officer Barbrady
13th February 2005, 02:07
Thanks for the comments, and I agree. I think one factor for the insecurity is the uncertainty of getting a spot in the team. I felt against India in the first game of the Samsung cup his general body language and intent was much better than that of Hameed's. He didn't do badly in that game but was dropped and since then he hasn't looked as comfortable at the crease and has been picked/dropped a few times.

As for defense I agree but it is something that can be worked out as is the case with the other younger players. He does pull well and that is a real help for an opener and one of the reasons I like him. He has to work on his temperament though before getting another chance and that is completely up to him.

The reason I asked is that most posters don't seem to think he has much talent to start with.

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 02:12
i dont doubt his talent. Taimur rates him, says he hasnt the greatest technique but he can stay in there and score runs. TK said he used to bat well (imran this is) against wasim/waqar/saqlain.

13th February 2005, 02:19
"I asked is that most posters don't seem to think he has much talent to start with"

Well I think he actually has quite a bit of talent. But he is wasting it at the moment.