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Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 03:15
nice to see u here bro. am sure u will make a positive contribution to this site unlike the author of this current post ;-)

Munda Pakistani
13th February 2005, 03:21
No chance. The author of this post is not retired unlike the author of the post above. ;)

And the author of this post can see a mod coming to lock this.

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 03:23
Mishra still plays for Haryana!

see the old sig is back!

13th February 2005, 03:24
author of above post and author of above that are both in trouble, coz aurthor of this post has know clue wat is he writing.lol

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 03:26

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 03:30
i can sweet talk Saj

13th February 2005, 04:00
dont think so Gary/Amit/mishra

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 04:01
lol Saj!
that put me in my place!

Geordie Ahmed
13th February 2005, 04:08
Gary you got told :oD :oD :oD

Just like McGuiness on Question Time (the first time i have heard someone get booed)
Question Time summed up what is wrong with NI today!

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 04:11
what happened?

i hate that man. he is a cold blooded terrorist with no shame. he once refused to co-operate with the bloody sunday inquiry cos he was protecting an IRA code of honour. Dont be fooled by Sinn Fein. Its the IRA.

Geordie Ahmed
13th February 2005, 05:21
Basically the McGuiness fella accused another panelis of something (forgot his name) that guy said it was lies and wanted to answer back BUT McGuiness wudnt shut his trap, he kep talking, Dimbleby told him to shut up but he wudnt, the audience started booing him and so on! eventually he shut his mouth up!

Im not familiar with the whole NI situation but i didnt like that McGuiness fella one bit! he was getting a lot of stick from the crowd! he was denying the IRA had anything to do with the bank robbery!

So who is this donaldson fella?

Abdul Qadir 236
13th February 2005, 05:29
Jeffrey Donaldson!
what a guy, my fave politician. He has always been very anti Sinn Fein/IRA. He said in 1998 the Agreement was a sham and he was right.
He is the MP for Lagan Valley and has the largest majority of any democratic MP. Gerry Adams has a bigger one but he is a terrorist and Sinn Fein/IRA vote for dead people. Donaldson was a member for Trimble's UUP but defected to the DUP, who arent extreme but are against terrorists in our govt.

UUP: right of centre, pro Union between UK and NI, willing to negotiate with SF/IRA

DUP: right wing, dont accept terrorists, pro Union, led by Rev Ian Paisley, a hero in NI. Paisley is not a bigot as is made out, he helps Catholics as much as Protestants. He is a good man.

SDLP: links with Labour. left of centre socialist party who came out of the NI Civil Rights Movement. Dont believe in violence but eventually want a united Ireland.

Sinn Fein/IRA: these 2 are as one. IRA is the military wing. Bombed NI and UK for 30 years. were behind the largest ever bank robbery in UK.
killed hundreds of people but were allowed into govt by UUP before weapons handed over. Were meant to decommission by May 2000 but still have not. Want a united Ireland.

McGuinness I told u about. Fmr Education Minister and abolished our 11+ cos he a terrorist failed it. NI has a better education system than GB and that terrorist destroyed it.