View Full Version : OT:What is it with Tony Blair?

Rob H
13th February 2005, 17:02
He is saying stuff about 6 pledges to the country which we all know he isnt going to keep, so why is he trying to fool us all to vote for him when we know he is a liar!

adi 101
13th February 2005, 17:04
tis tis tis rh off topic stuff

adi 101
13th February 2005, 17:06
true though he does lie but we dont want to be run by racist parties like the national front or the bnp is they win there going to kick out all the well unbritish people i think is the right way to say it

13th February 2005, 17:07
This an OT topic - I will move it to the Members forum - in the future can you pls create these in the Members forum ?

13th February 2005, 17:08
The public dodesnt really care whether he achieves the pledges.

The options are: Blair v Howard. No contest really.

Abdul Qadir 236
14th February 2005, 04:10
Howard all the way

Rob H
14th February 2005, 15:19
Even though i cant vote this time round it's the tories for me

Geordie Ahmed
14th February 2005, 22:59
Il vote for him because its the lesser of the 2 evils! i dont want the conservatives in Government, it would be a disaster. if they had a different stance on Iraq then maybe BUT they are the worst opposition party i have seen! An opposition party should have different agendas BUT the tories offer nothing different!

Abdul Qadir 236
14th February 2005, 23:45
Tories speak for every hard working person in the UK who is British.

Geordie Ahmed
14th February 2005, 23:53
Yeah and Cows fly