View Full Version : enhance your speed?

adi 101
14th February 2005, 22:31
has anyone get any software from the web which you can install on ya computer for free which speeds it up?

14th February 2005, 22:39
That's not really possible.

What you can do is get antivirus softwares and adware/spyware removal tools. That will speed up your computer a bit

adi 101
14th February 2005, 22:46
ive got anti virus software also got spyware and also got computer chek ups lol but i remembaa tryin to download that warez that plays music and some1 on pakpassion told me to download!!!!! but that has replced some of my microsoft files and my computer is not that stable now

Rob H
15th February 2005, 01:14
Buy a memory stick and put all unecessary stuff on it. That'll speed up your CPU. It has done wonders for mine.