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adi 101
15th February 2005, 01:54
hey peeps so far i only no 2 good websites were you can get free essays from one www.chuckiii.com but on this website you have ti give them one of your essays to view the others so i just type in one word as my essay and use other peoples essays another good website is www.123helpme.com that is the better one i say but plz these websites are just for using incase your stuck not using to plagiarise [i learned this word in i.c.t] other peoples word post as many websites as you know

15th February 2005, 02:12
you have to pay for both of them.

i need a mcbeth essay to submit in 2 days for my english coursework.

adi 101
15th February 2005, 02:35
wait theres a bot of secret for the chuckiii one ill tell ya tomz

adi 101
15th February 2005, 02:39
infact there u go chek it its got bout 30 essyas on macbeth no need to thank im out lataz peeps and rememba its to help not just opy all ya self

15th February 2005, 03:27
there was this one other site.....
had loaddzzz of essays for free. dammit i cant remember the name

will post when i do

if u google u may be able to find some sites too

Abdul Qadir 236
15th February 2005, 03:27
its called doing it yourself. u should try it!
sorry dont know of any.

15th February 2005, 03:29
yeah well i prefer

15th February 2005, 07:48
well i plagiarised once ,
git caught . my teacher was a realbitch y one so the aper made me fall from a B to a "C"

15th February 2005, 08:36
ok i printed one off and wrote my name on it and im gona give it in like that, is there anyway i can get caught,

plus wats the trick to get them free

16th February 2005, 09:49
Personally, for good reading, I go to Chowk...


The quality is good and the authors are from the subcontinent ( mostly Pakistanis) - hi quality stuff about all aspects of life ...

16th February 2005, 10:02
oh a fellow chowk reader.
chowk rocks.....esp gulberg n univ ave....gymkhana too i guess

16th February 2005, 10:06
totally agree - some of the articles are really thought provoking and its good to see this....

16th February 2005, 10:14
yes when i get really down and depressed by our leaders and decision makers...i go to chowk and feel a bit happier that atleast theres some hope.

someone who is atleast thinking...and in thier own way, taking a small step to making a better Pakistan. but i fear that its too little compared to all thats actually happening in our beloved country

Officer Barbrady
16th February 2005, 10:16
mig, younger generation at work here. they r not talking about thought provoking stuff....rather essays that can be 'used' in school work.

16th February 2005, 10:18
Me too ( I plagiarize TheSourceNews stuff on a regular basis from WaheedKhan.com )


16th February 2005, 10:18
mig, younger generation at work here. they r not talking about thought provoking stuff....rather essays that can be 'used' in school work.

not really...theres a bunch of prof's and quite elderly writers in thier too.
sure theres a bunch of college kids..but u gotta search a little for those gem like articles

Officer Barbrady
16th February 2005, 10:24
no I don't mean the chowk articles I meant the purpose of this thread...

16th February 2005, 10:29
oh my bad.

16th February 2005, 10:31
talkin abt chowk...the new article by Farzana Varsey on dictators is quite the read..a few interesting points made.

16th February 2005, 10:34
Ok will read - I am a new member there so will read - over the weekend I read a few which brought some nostalgic tears to my eyes - its a lot of things for a lot of people - as is PP ofcourse !

16th February 2005, 10:40
read Mohammad Gill. some very good articles.
also that Hoodbhoy guy on **** Univ System..

oh ull figure out whose good slowly.

16th February 2005, 10:42
Yaar just read that Hajj article on chowk. Brilliantly done and some absolutely valid points.

16th February 2005, 10:44
Razzler that sig is so funny - did u create it ? I would like to put it on my TheSourceNews website -

BTW, Shoaib looks like Brendan Foster ( The Mummy etc )

16th February 2005, 10:45
Just checked the link and its:


which is some other forum ?

16th February 2005, 10:48
MIG I didn't create it. I got it from a website. Go ahead put it on the source site.

Sajjad, which section is the university essay.

16th February 2005, 10:54
University Ave
Pervez Hoodbhoy

its in 2 parts
http://www.chowk.com/show_article.cgi?aid=00004562&channel=university%2 0ave

16th February 2005, 10:57
Found it. Thanks.

16th February 2005, 11:00
np buddy.
theres some real good stuff if u look into the archives

16th February 2005, 11:10
Brillaint and sad first article.

16th February 2005, 11:13
this Hoodbhoy chap is known to be a little over critical but such guys r needed too.

His research is immaculate though

16th February 2005, 11:21
I found the second one much better and some brilliant points raised by him in both articles about our higher education system.

16th February 2005, 11:25
yeah he actually is a prof himself
look around ull see many good authors

16th February 2005, 11:31
read the Public Tolied Legislation on the Home page by Naeem Sadiq..wonderful stuff

Officer Barbrady
16th February 2005, 12:06
Hoodbhoy is a high class Physicist (nuclear I think). I believe he got his PHD from MIT but returned to his homeland and is now a professor at Quaid-e-Azam University. Learned man, writes for Dawn as well at times and has lectured around the world.

Also from the Eqbal Ahmed school of thought.

20th February 2005, 03:31
Eqbal Ahmed and his friend Edward Said
now thats worth something.

read a lot about Eqbal ahmed and his days at Princeton, i believe, and a bit of what he used to say. I remember said did his eulogy in dawn i think.

hoodbhoy is a very learned man, dare i say so

20th February 2005, 04:01
Pervez Hoodbhoy might be a fine scientist, but I think he mis-understands Islamic radicalism. Like many Western analysts he believes radicalism "seeks to restore some idealized vision of the past." He places religious orthodoxy in opposition to modernity and science, but in actuality a much more complex realtionship exists.

20th February 2005, 04:55
Damn it, too many write down :P

23rd February 2005, 01:26
i need a promtional plan for marketing, can someone find on cos the sites arnt free

adi 101
23rd February 2005, 01:31
i would tell you if i knew what that is i am known as the internet wiz kid so break that down in to basic english thankyou for your co-orporation

23rd February 2005, 02:10
i said i need a promotion plan for marketing, any product. can you find it because the sites are not free you have to sign uo and pay for them, is that enought basic for you.

4th October 2007, 08:04
isnt this cheating

Cryin Out Loud
4th October 2007, 08:55
well i plagiarised once ,
git caught . my teacher was a realbitch y one so the aper made me fall from a B to a "C"

What were you expecting, a ticker tape parade?

4th October 2007, 09:18
What were you expecting, a ticker tape parade?
:))) :))) no but at least a chance to do a new paper