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Faisal Akhtar
15th February 2005, 04:03
Has anyone had any pranks played on them yet?
I got a call from a black guy the other day, he was threatnin me an all sorts for having his girl friends number or something. I found out later it was a recording, and laughed!
Ive heard another where a girl calls u and asks if u remember her thats well funny too.

I was wondering if anyone else has had these calls. Do you know of any other pranks. If anyone has any good pranks on their computer could u plz post them on here :)

Geordie Ahmed
15th February 2005, 04:08
Theres loads of these about!
Theres one where a Mipruri guy calls, he says he is Fazal from Leeds, then he says you've been calling my daughter, il beat your dad and your chacha up etc etc its well hilarious :oD :oD

15th February 2005, 04:26
goes in the Member section not here.

15th February 2005, 04:31
I have a ton of these stories but it would take far too long!

Awesome Anjum
18th February 2005, 23:25
Any1 been Happy slapped ?

Geordie Ahmed
18th February 2005, 23:40

25th June 2008, 01:07
C'mon guyz please post it here.... if you know of any pranks.... plz

25th June 2008, 04:16
C'mon guyz please post it here.... if you know of any pranks.... plz

...a bit late, prank calls are now a thing of the past :afridi

26th June 2008, 00:26
i have pranked alot, and had couple happen to me, but it gets boring after a while

Big Daddy
26th June 2008, 00:50

this is how phone taps are done

26th June 2008, 01:53
i have pranked alot, and had couple happen to me, but it gets boring after a while

if you have them.... than please post them here or provide me the link to them........ ;-)

27th June 2008, 02:34

:))) :)))
Check it out folks..... emjoy..... :D

27th June 2008, 02:42

LOL at 16 and 30 secs:)))

27th June 2008, 02:47
lol @ 10 secs :))) :))) :)))

27th June 2008, 02:48
@46 secs :))) :))) :)))

27th June 2008, 03:00
This is even more funny.....
Check it out....

27th June 2008, 03:00
:))) :))) :))) :))) :)))

27th June 2008, 18:11
:))) :))) :))) :)))

28th June 2008, 20:23
Spent a whole afternoon making prank calls with friends back when I was 15 but havent done anything like that since.

The closest thing I did was once one of my cousins was having an emo moment cause she was unwell and while people were asking how she was, no one did so directly. So I asked if she wants me to tell a few of my friends to call her and she said yeah. So I sent a message to 2 of them saying to call this number (and gave hers). One of them was smart and ignored it. Another called back but though she answered she didnt say anything and me and her sister were pissing ourselves in the background. Later he sends a message saying 'I've got the hotel room booked for Melbourne, see you soon, love M'. Apparently he sent that by mistake to the wrong person and he did get a bit of an interrogation about that but Im not sure who the joke was on

30th June 2008, 15:17
when im feeling stressed or sumthing i turn 2 prank calling lol caz it just makes you happier lol..