View Full Version : Former snooker champ Higgins suspended..

2nd May 2010, 20:03
..over match fixing scandal...oh dear, caught red-handed on camera!


Gabbar Singh
2nd May 2010, 20:55
Quite disgusting.

I'm a big snooker fan and whilst I've always been more of a Ronnie and Hendry fan :) I still had a lot of respect for Higgins but now look what greed has done to the man.

His defence is that he thought his life was under threat by the 'Russian Mafia' so just played along with the whole thing to get back to the UK in one piece.

What rubbish, why did he not report the matter to the police or snooker authorities then when he returned to the UK then to stop other players being approached. And in that video he talks of methods he could use to launder this dirty money (by using his Spanish property). Hardly sounds like a man 'who feared for his life'.

It's crazy - people like Higgins, Hansie, Azhar and other cheats have EVERYTHING - they are/were millionaires, treated as heroes at home yet still they betray their sport for a few hundred grand.

Very Very sad and this would be the last player I'd expect this from.

As for their lame excuse:


2nd May 2010, 21:18
Not surprised one bit.Money is root of all evils and some times I think sarfraz nawaz is right when he comes out with his stuff.

2nd May 2010, 22:11
Not surprised really.

Every sport has players who are involved in match-fixing.

Its only a matter of getting caught.

Unfortunately for Higgins, he got done.

Shame on him and everyone else who fixes matches.

Black Zero
3rd May 2010, 09:51
who captured this video?

Geordie Ahmed
3rd May 2010, 09:58
who captured this video?

News of the World journalists - its amazing how many people they catch in such situations - stupid mongs

3rd May 2010, 10:46
quite pathetic considering how much he earns

3rd May 2010, 18:01
:))):))):))) shame!

Gabbar Singh
7th September 2010, 15:41
Well after months of claiming he was innocent, Higgins and his manager have admitted the charges against them.

7th September 2010, 17:15
NOTW? RAW involved.

7th September 2010, 17:19
lol, NOTW was involved......Shocker!

chacha kashmiri
9th September 2010, 04:45
.........''I was not guilty of any dishonesty and had no intention to fix a match and no intention to do anything corrupt."

And he repeated his statement from May, made immediately after the accusations were made by the Sunday newspaper.

"I have never been involved in any form of snooker match-fixing," he continued. "In my 18 years playing professional snooker, I have never deliberately missed a shot, never mind intentionally lost a frame or a match.

"If I am guilty of anything, it is of naivety and trusting those who, I believed, were working in the best interests of snooker and myself."


Another failed notw sting

chacha kashmiri
9th September 2010, 04:47
T''he Sporting Intelligence website has catalogued a string of small anomalies between the News of the World's subtitles and what was actually said. The website also employed a sound analyst, who concluded that "some of the audio has been manipulated and rearranged".


9th September 2010, 04:51
he got away with a 75,000 fine. i hope our boys get the same judge