View Full Version : best bhangra album ever

adi 101
17th February 2005, 22:36
what you guys think is the best bhangra album ever even if you dont like bhangra you are bound to have heard one song even though i dont feel its bhangra jay seans stolen was good but i would say danger 3

Geordie Ahmed
17th February 2005, 23:00
Mr Blobby's song is a classic!

17th February 2005, 23:57
some of Alaap groups were superb. There was a group by the name of Heera, their album Diamonds from Heera was excelent.

Out of the current lot - I liked B21

18th February 2005, 03:54
danger 1 was the best out of the dangers,

and all of rishi richs pure garages.

Waqar's inswinging yorker
18th February 2005, 04:04
punjabi mc - dont know if u count him as bhangra

Jahangir Khan
20th February 2005, 01:41
Best albums ever would have to include the following:

Bally Jagpal's Dark and Dangerous (Aaja Sohneya)
B21'S By Public Demand
Sukhshinder Shinda's Phases

Just to name a few.......