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18th February 2005, 14:05
My father is in the hospital and I have had to come back from Pakistan back to Canada for him. I am told that an operation might possibly be held. Please pray for his health.

18th February 2005, 16:32
Inshallah , Razzler, Allah will take care of your father. May Allah grant him good health and many many years of happiness with his children, Ameen.

Pls let us know his progress as and when you can

Fee Amanallah

18th February 2005, 17:09
InshaALLAH all will be well for him, ameen.

Officer Barbrady
18th February 2005, 18:38
Inshallah he ll be fine.

Awesome Anjum
18th February 2005, 18:47
He will be in my duas brother.

18th February 2005, 20:33
He's in my duas bro. Inshallah he'll be well.

Geordie Ahmed
18th February 2005, 20:33
Insha'allah your father will be fine!


18th February 2005, 21:50
wish him all the best of health and a speedy recovery, Inshallah.

18th February 2005, 22:19
My prayers are with u raz..

18th February 2005, 23:20
my thoughts and prayers are with you Razzler.


18th February 2005, 23:28
Hope your father gets well soon

21st February 2005, 01:17
Any good news Razzler? :-)

21st February 2005, 01:28
I hope he recoveres well inshAllah.

Do keep us updated razzler!

21st February 2005, 04:57
He'll be healthy soon Inshallah. My thoughts and prayers are with you

21st February 2005, 05:35
Inshallah he will recover soon and be back to good health

21st February 2005, 05:36
Hitman I remember some of your close relative passed away, you mentioned on old PP, how's your family getting along, and you as well? Hope all is fine.