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Cover Drive
28th June 2010, 10:21
PP: What is the secret behind being so efficient, and fast (in high school, work etc.)?

KU: There is no secret behind being efficient – if that is what you want to call it. I tend to work hard at completing tasks on time. I have no interest in procrastinating because you tend to do your worse work when in a hurry – at least that is the case with me.

Plus, I learned early in life – the faster you do your work, the more time you have for playing/fooling around without stress. The feeling of getting your work done properly and then enjoying a good movie/listening to music or playing games is much better than doing it before completing your work.

Everyone has the capabilities of being efficient and “fast”. The problem is that people end up arguing themselves out of doing the work until they have no time left. However, there are many people that do better under pressure but they are quite rare.

PP: How do you overcome difficulties you face in everyday life?

KU: I tend to not overwhelm myself with the difficulties that arise. I would be lying if I stated that I don’t worry about certain problems that arise. The best way to forget about them is to go and do something you enjoy – this always helps me ease off and think with a cool mind.

Difficulties are worst handled when one tries to get rid of them as quickly as possible. When one tries to push things – this is when more problems appear and bother you. I also find it quite amusing when people stress over the most trivial of matters. Like I stated before – life is simply too short for such things. Don’t forget your difficulties, but don’t let them ruin your life either. Find your comfort zone [family, job, religion] and start spending time in that zone if the difficulties are taking over your mind.

PP: How can you manage to calmly stand firm and hold the fort (ie remain so reasonable and logical) when most others are 'falling' all around you?

KU: The forum is almost identical to the world around us. There are the logical beings who always say the right things [I am not one of them]. There are many posters who are sometimes great and sometimes poor – I would put myself in that zone. The final type of people/posters are the ones that are always pessimistic and annoying.

Just like in real life – you have to learn to accept everyone as long as they don’t cross the line. I do not mind buffoon- like statements from posters as long as they keep it in the realm of decency.

The fact is that I have learned to fade out others and post my own thoughts based on what I feel is correct. The day I start following others will be the day I will probably lose interest in posting. I like PakPassion because I am allowed to air my opinions [wrong or right] and I am sure others post for the same reason. I am certain many posters find my posts as unreasonable and illogical. These things are very subjective – thus I leave those matters to the mods [now that might change with my new role] and go about my own way.

PP: Do you believe Tim Horton donuts are the best donuts on this planet?

KU: There is no doubt that Tim Horton’s donuts are the greatest on the planet and the universe. I love chocolate dip and honey dip donuts but to be honest all of them are top class.

In the winters – I usually grab a donut and a hot chocolate. I am not a big fan of coffee – hate the taste. I think my father drinks enough Timmy’s coffee for the both of us. During the warm summer months – the classic Iced cappuccino and a donut usually are the way I go.

Anyone who comes to Canada has to go to Tim Horton’s at least once. There is nothing better.

PP: Do you believe patriotism should be unconditional?

KU: Patriotism should never be unconditional. There should be a sense of reasonability. If your nation’s government is notorious for vicious policies and crimes around the world – one’s moral values should outweigh their patriotism.

A true patriotic individual wants to see the best of their nation. A true patriotic looks back at the positives of their nation and feels proud but equally acknowledges the negatives. Patriotism should never be based on blind faith – this is when you get the evil societies of the world or the illogical.

Patriotism is only fine as long as you are not celebrating the loss of others. Walking around boasting about winning a war is never appropriate because one has to understand the many lost lives. Yet, we see many “patriotic” individuals celebrating war as if it was some sort of game with no consequences. Yes, wars are at times unavoidable but respecting the loss of others is surely not hard. We should feel ashamed for the wars that have taken place – this has nothing to do with patriotism. Similarly, there are numerous other situations that go under the same category of borderline ridiculous.

PP: Do you believe global warming is a natural phenomenon?

KU: I am no global warming expert. I will take the neutral stance on this subject. One could defend both points of views. The fact is that there are some natural aspects to this sudden warming of the earth. The fact that the sun has been reported to have increased its activity and thus we have begun seeing the repercussions.

However, it would be foolish to simply state that it is a complete natural phenomenon. The world has been revolutionized with the numerous innovations/inventions of our time. Pollution is rampant all over the globe – populations are growing rapidly. China has a child limit per couple in place and if that is not a clear indication of the world’s growth, then what is?

As the population has grown – the demand for products/food has increased. The supply would remain the same if we stopped using the inventions that have been created in terms of machinery/equipment. In the race to feed the world – we have begun destroying the planet by helping the sun and its increased activity.

Basically, we are just as much to blame as anything else – including it being a natural phenomenon.

PP: What do you think of the most famous Usama/Osama in the world?

KU: An utter disgrace to homo sapiens everywhere. There are individuals in the world that might support his view points in regards to America and the “West”. I’ll be honest – the western governments have been ruthless and immoral over the years and should be condemned for their actions. However, the ways of Osama are/were incorrect to the severest degree.

The person who promotes the murders of innocent civilians is the lowest type of being on the planet. Through his videos – he has spread a vicious virus that has inflicted the youth of tomorrow [Muslims at least] and now we are left in an utter mess.

A despicable human being and a disgrace to Islam.

PP: Who is your favourite Bollywood actor and actress? If any, then are there any particular reasons why you like them?

KU: I won’t lie – I do watch quite a few Bollywood films.

My favourite actor is Aamir Khan. I feel he always puts thought into his acting and does not just go through the motions. The worst actor is that one who fails to innovate and come up with something new each time he acts. There are people who are willing to see an actor do the same thing in 50 different films but I am not one of them. There should be some originality and creativity in one’s role and I see that in Aamir Khan.

I do not really have a favorite Bollywood actress. There are probably only three or four of them anyway, surprisingly. They all seem to split the movies between themselves. Katrina Kaif is probably the best looking but in all honesty – none of them can act. They are all their for eye candy purposes. A real shame because I am sure there are some great actresses out there who are not willing to flaunt their bodies shamelessly.

PP: Your favourite movie?

KU: My favorite movie is a Hollywood one – The Shawshank Redemption.

A quality film. Morgan Freeman did some of his finest acting and you could tell the skill of the man and his ability to make a story feel so genuine in nature. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and the many lessons it taught along the way were thought provoking indeed.

There have been a few others that I have enjoyed – Titanic [a true classic], Godfather and The Dark Knight [yes, I loved it].

PP: Your favourite food?

KU: A sizzling plate of my mother’s chicken biryani along with some yogurt is fine enough to satisfy my stomach. Nothing beats a high-quality biryani – I love rice in general but this beats everything and anything in terms of delicacies.

PP: Your favourite singer?

KU: Pakistani – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The man is a musical mastermind that should be commended for his talents. I am not a over-enthusiastic fan of his type of music but he is an absolute talent in terms of his vocals and musical intelligence. The finest going around in terms of Pakistani talent and he has this knack of choosing/creating magnificent tunes. Atif Aslam is a good talent as well and there are few better when it comes to creating an emotional attachment between the song and the listener. His voice has true passion/emotion as well.

English – Justin Bieber (just kidding). My favorite English singer is probably Justin Timberlake because the guy has an amazing voice. I did not like him one bit during his days with N’SYNC – but ever since he has gone solo, he has become impressive. I enjoy listening to his songs because they usually are good tunes. Beyonce is probably the best singer going around right now in America though. Just mesmerizing vocals.
PP: Do you follow NFL? If so what team? Also if you do follow it, do you believe there is match fixing going on in the NFL like in cricket?

KU: I do follow the NFL. I am a passionate sports fan – therefore I tend to watch almost everything sports related that is shown on TV. There are two teams that I follow closely during the season - Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts.

The Bills were basically a compulsory choice. During my early years – they were the only team who were shown on TV on Sundays at 1 PM. I became somewhat addicted to the sport and unfortunately they were the team on TV every single time. I wish I could go back and choose another team but sadly, this cannot be done anymore – the damage is done. I follow them intently only to see them get owned each season.

The Colts are the other team I follow with passion. Due to the lack of postseason play from the Bills – I always have to choose a team. The Colts are perennial playoff participants and thus I have attached to them as a bandwagon member of sorts. Peyton Manning is pure class and one of the premium quarterbacks to grace the game. The way he plays football is thrilling and inspiring because of his impenetrable concentration and desire to win.

I do not think there is match-fixing in the NFL. The policies are quite stringent in the league and it would be mighty tough to get away with such nonsensical behavior. The major problem with the NFL is with the steroid abuse cases – they have a grave problem with that. The administrators have continuously made amendments to the regulations found within the NFL but the problems continue to prosper.

PP: If you follow NBA, which team are you supporting to win this season?

KU: I am an enthusiastic Toronto Raptors fan – sadly, they stink up the joint each season as well.

This season I am supporting the Los Angeles Lakers and I feel they will repeat as champions they did]. The main reasoning behind supporting the Lakers is because my favorite player is Kobe Bryant. The guy is the best in the league right now – Lebron is just not there yet.

He has grown as a player and tends to make his teammates much better around him. His vision on the court is exemplary and this makes the Lakers exciting to watch. Just watching Kobe coming down the court, dazzling fans with his dribbling prowess and then nailing an improbable jumper is brilliant every single time. His knack of knocking down those tough shots is what makes him so darn great.

PP: Who was your favorite cricket player before you entered PakPassion and who is it now?

KU: When I entered PakPassion – somewhere in early 2008, the team was dwindling between rubbish and atrocious. My favorite cricket player at that point in time was Mohammad Yousuf. He was our paramount batsman back then – probably still is if he came back from retirement. He was a class act back then with the bat and always seemed like the guy who stayed away from controversies. Sadly, he has disappointed me a bit in recent times with all of the nonsense around himself in regards to the captaincy and other seniority complexes he’s had.

My current favorite player is Umar Akmal. I chose him over Mohammad Aamer because it has been a long time since we’ve had a sparkling batting prospect with the chance of becoming world class. He has won me over in the past year with his ability to take on the opposition regardless of who they are. His dismantling of Peter Siddle in Australia was brilliant to watch and it was admirable considering the batting of those around him. He has the guts and determination to be the best in the world.

The obvious fear with him is his temperament. Can he learn to taper down his aggressiveness? If he comes to a point where he has complete control over his inhibitions – he will go on to become one of the all-time Pakistani greats. The one fact many of us tend to forget is that he is only a mere 19 years of age. He has a whole bunch of time to grow and develop into a mature, sensible batsman. I shall keenly follow him as his career progresses.

PP: How did Pakistan play when you joined PakPassion? Were they better compare to today?

KU: When I joined Pakpassion – the team has come back from a tour in India. They had been defeated in both the test and ODI series and were heading into one of their worst 2-3 year spells ever as a cricketing nation.

They probably were at the same level as they are today barring the infighting. The quarrels had yet to begin but they were developing and were about to erupt when I joined. The team was losing then and they are losing now – so in terms of pure results they were probably better by a whisker but that’s all.

The team has been in rebuilding mode for quite a long time now.

PP: Who is your favourite Under-19 and domestic player from Pakistan?

KU: My favourite under-19 player is Raza Hasan. The guy has potential to go on and become a fantastic spinner for the men in green. The subtleties in his bowling, the unique variations are just a joy to watch. All of this at such a young age – he deserves a shot with the national team soon.

The domestic player who has thoroughly impressed me is Umar Amin. I have been backing him for quite a while now – luckily he has been selected. The first time I saw him bat was last year I believe and he came across as quality. The technique was sharp – in fact at that time he was out of form but you could tell he had the ability to score a whole boatload of runs at any level.

There are some players that just meant to be exceptional and I sense that in Umar Amin. Hopefully, he lives up to the expectations of the nation in the upcoming matches.