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What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is a virtual cricket manager game brought to you by PakPassion. Think you can field a side better then BobWoolmer and Inzimam? You have come to the right place, select your 11 man team and take it through the whole series. Can you predict better than anyone else who the star performers in the series will be? If you want to win fabulous prizes we are introducing in future then put on your Manager's cap and register your team here. Only PakPassion members may register a team. After registration, the destiny of your team is in your control. Decide when to initiate transfers and when to stick with a wildcard. Enjoy the emotional rollercoaster ride by monitoring your team's performance on a match by match basis and view your ranking in the current standings.

Aim of the Game?

The aim of the game is simple - to accumulate the highest amount of points by the end of the competition (to win prizes or bragging rights over your friends in your own league).

How do I play the game?

You must have a PakPassion member account to take part in any of fantasy cricket games. To create a new account Register now Or Login with an existing account. After registeration click to register a team for a particular game.

Registering a team?

To register your team for a particular game click in front of the game and you will be taken to the register a team page. You as a manager start of with Rs1,400,000/. This money can be used to buy players for the available spots.

For an ODI team you are to buy
=>5 Batsmen
=>2 Allrounders
=>1 Wicketkeeper
=>3 Bowlers
For a Test team you are to buy
=>5 Batsmen
=>1 Allrounders
=>1 Wicketkeeper
=>4 Bowlers

For both the teams you are also supposed to choose a captain. It should be noted that captain will earn double the points and also double the penalties so a tip would be to choose a captain who bowls and bats so as to get maximum points with him.

Players are usually priced in three categories though variation in number of categories can be expected from time to time. The players are priced according to their recent form and ability.

Before submitting your team be sure to select a suitable name for your team.

How is scoring carried out?

Score is updated every Friday the break up of scores and penalties is as follows:-

  Basic Points  
  Every Run Scored   01 point  
  Wicket   20 points  
  Catch   10 points  
  Run Out   10 points  
  Stumping   20 points  

  Bonus Points  
  Half Century Bounus   15 points  
  Century Bounus   15 points  
  Double Century Bounus   50 points  
  3 Wickets Bonus   20 points  
  5 Wickets Bonus   40 points  
  10 Wickets Bonus (Test only)   60 points  
  3 Catch Bonus   20 points  
  Stumping   20 points  

  Batsman gets out for a duck   30 points  
  WK/Allrounder gets out for a duck   20 points  
  Wicketless Bowler   30 points  
  Wicketless Allrounder   20 points  



How do I transfer players?

A manager is allowed to transfer one player per match. Though care must be taken to select players within the budget and one category of player can only be transfered with a player from same category ie. a batsman for a batsman a bowler for a bowler.

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