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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

I cannot register on this site.

1. The username you have chosen might have been chosen already by someone before. 2. Only one account can be registered. Your e-mail address may have already been assigned to a different username.

Embedding UTUBE/GOOGLE Videos in your POSTS

This system uses the doc ID number, there is no need to include the full URL. You can find the doc ID by looking at the url: A typical Google video URL looks like this: The "doc ID" is the part after docid= Wrapping this up, you embed the video by wrapping the doc ID in google tags. For example: [GOOGLE]4472251329092638042[/GOOGLE] The above bbCode will embed video 4472251329092638042 from Google. EMBEDDING UTUBE VIDEOS Copy the Video ID from the URL for example Put the Video ID between [UTUBE][/UTUBE] Tags [UTUBE]TXTr-uL4h8o[/UTUBE]

I cannot post on the forum.

1. First of all you need to register to be able to post anything on this forum. 2. You may still be banned from the board because of some past issue, contact the moderators for assistance. 3. If none of the above points apply and you still cannot post please contact the moderators.

I keep getting errors connecting to this site.

You need to specifiy the error message, the web browser you are using and the operating system (e.g. Windows) along with your PakPassion username and send e-mail to the moderators.

I cannot see any images on this site.

1. If you are using Norton Systems, go to your Norton Internet Security options, choose the firewall option and where it says PORTS, remove port 80. This should fix the problem. 2. Or go to Norton Internet Security --> Privacy Control --> Configure, now click ADVANCED and then look carefully in the website list on the left for ''. Once '' is found in the list select it and now change all options to PERMIT by checking the permit boxes. Even if it is already defaulted to permit, click on it and check each actual permit box option. Then click ok and refresh '', the images should be there. 3. You could also try adding to the list of Trusted Sites in your web browser. In Internet Explorer: go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Security Tab, then Click on the Trusted Sites, followed by sites untick the checkbox And add '' to the list of trusted sites. This may help in clearing up some of the problems.

I cannot make Sticky threads.

Only the moderators of this site can make Sticky threads.

If I use a different nick on the same username, do the then posts add to the original post counts or it starts from zero?

Yes, it does add to your post counts.

Why has my post count decreased?

Your post count may have decreased due to a thread you contributed in being deleted or some of your posts being deleted. Please check the Rules and Regs for information on posts and threads which are liable to be deleted.

Why aren't members allowed to send Private Messages (PM)?

The staff of feel that this is a facility that is not required on the site at the moment. However the facility is available to admins and mods fully. Members cannot send any PMs, but can receive and reply.

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