PakPassion is delighted to introduce a new section for our esteemed members: "My Cricket" which can now be accessed by going to the following link:

We appreciate that many of our members actively play cricket at various levels, and this new sub-forum will provide the ideal opportunity for the game's active participants to discuss their enthusiasm, share team scorecards, talk about various technical aspects of the game and what not!

Of course, for so many of us cricket maniacs, our life-long love affair with cricket is incomplete without avidly playing this sport, at whatever level of ability God has blessed us with; some of us play regularly for clubs every weekend in the season, whilst others might get the occasional or all-too-rare ad-hoc game with friends. Whatever our experiences, this new "My Cricket" sub-forum is the place to share them with fellow PPers!

And one added advantage of this sub-forum: we can discuss the best ways to imitate and learn from the approaches and styles of our favourite professional cricketers! After all, imitation is the sincerest compliment, and many of us try to emulate the skills & abilities of international players we see live on TV at the highest level.

So whether you have front foot forward defensive issues or the latest insight on fast bowling; whether you have just invented the teesra or believe you have a solution to improve Pakistanis' lackadaisical catching abilities - bring it here and share it with other ardent practitioners of cricket's noble arts!

We look forward to many interesting posts and some fascinating debates in this new forum.

WELCOME ABOARD and Happy Posting!