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    Mar 2011
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    The Subcontinent:Discussing the cradle of civilization

    We started discussing a few things about the old civilization in the SC.Unfortumately or may be fortunately that thread was closed.Long before we were divided into different countries.

    Lets talk about what is arguably the 1st civilization in the world

    The Indus Valley Civilization

    Lets talk about the earliest exponents of dentistry and scientific agriculture,the Mehrgarh people.

    Lets talk about the people who proved earth rotates around the sun thousands of years before galileo or copernicus.

    Lets talk about the ones who gave the world the zero the decimal and so much else.

    Lets talk about the brave kings who stood up to the likes of Alexander and forced him to return.

    Lets talk about the kings who had the likes of Hiuen Tsang Fa Hien Megasthenes wonder with astonishment.

    Indian or Pakistani we are shared inheritors of this legacy.
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    Nov 2011
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    oh heil... i mean hai

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