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    The League Forums

    Dear ALL:

    There seems to be some confusion regarding the management of the PP Leagues and I am writing here to clear a few issues

    1. King_Rizzy was appointed moderator to run these leagues.

    2. He has accepted this job and spent a lot of time and energy organizing and running these leagues - remember that this is a volunteer position so his efforts to revitalize a pretty much stale area of our forums needs to be lauded.

    3. The PP League as run by K_R is the only league we will allow to run and his word on this will be final and should be respected as a pre-requisite to participate on this league

    4. The reason we only want ONE league is simply a matter of ensuring that the energies of our members and the staff who run this site are focussed on one objective and not spent running around looking after and resolving issues with multiple leagues. This is exactly the reason why we dont allow multiple fantasy league comps and the PP Leagues is no exception

    Any attempt to start another leagues here will be stopped and threads deleted without prior warning.

    5. We understand that even though this is "only" a sim game, emotions may run high at time for which we request and expect our members to exercise control - the rules of conduct on the league forums are exactly the same as in the rest of the PP as are sanctions against those who violate them.

    If you have any "constructive criticism" pls contact K_R and he will endeavour to take on board and answer your concerns.

    6. Finally, I would like to thank all participants who have worked very hard to make all leagues a success and also commend the mods for their job whilst also attending to the daily chores of running PakPassion.Pls create a thread in MRR, If you have any queries or concerns regarding any aspect of what you see above.
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