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    Oct 2004
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    PCB looking for possible slots to organize PSL this year

    Source : PTI

    The Pakistan Cricket Board has finalised two possible slots this year for its Super League Twenty20 tournament which was due to start from March 26 but has now been indefinitely postponed.

    The Pakistani cricket circles were surprised last month when the PCB postponed the PSL after unveiling its logo in a grand ceremony and setting up a special secretariat and inviting bids for sale of broadcast, title sponsorship rights and the five franchise teams.

    Although the official reason given by the PCB was shortage of time to hold the event in a fitting manner but reliable sources told PTI that the decision came after the interior ministry developed cold feet on taking care of security for the event.

    “Apparently the PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf didn’t get the grand response and security assurances for the PSL that he was expecting from concerned Government quarters after which he decided this was not the right time to hold the event,” one source said.

    “The attitude of the Government quarters also meant the PCB was not in a position to submit a comprehensive security plan and brief the ICC and other boards about it to get clearance for foreign players to take part in the PSL,” he added.

    He said Sarwar Salman Butt, who resigned as Managing Director of the PSL after the postponement, and some other officials in the board were not in favour of going ahead with the league from late March.

    “But the Chairman disagreed apparently also because of the fast changing political scenario in the country. Another reason was the uncertain security environment, since campaigning for the general elections will begin from March when a caretaker Government is announced,” he explained.

    Another source said the Chairman had now asked for a fresh window to hold the PSL and the tentative schedules given to him for consideration are either in August or before Pakistan flies to the West Indies on July 8.

    “The Chairman will soon call a meeting to discuss these possible windows but the board still remains hopeful that India will eventually agree to play a series against Pakistan some time in August,” the source said.

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    Oct 2012
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    So here comes PCB again to make fun of they were already looking to invite BAngladesh for Series then host India in August be it at a neutral venue....

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    Feb 2006
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    PCB looking for possible slots to organize PSL this year
    PCB can definitely use some of these tools....

    ...since they can't afford this tool...

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    Sep 2006
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again. The Pakistan Super League is irrelevant, unimportant. It's also part of the wrong question that many forumers and Pakistani fans are asking. But I'll get back to that later.

    In hindsight, Ijaz Batt's PSL turned out to be more like the Hail Mary pass in American football. The last gasp throw with little probability of success, but one that would have made him and the PCB heroes if it had come off. He, and they, would be credited as bringing back cricket to Pakistan, no mean feat.

    But it was unlikely to be successful. Operationalizing a concept, not the least one as contentious and massive as the PSL, is an incredible challenge. Anyone who's managed a project, built or led a business will know that when you've got as many moving parts - selling the concept, ensuring players acceptance, getting past the boards, engaging with players' associations, managing their security- the failure of even one can jam the whole machine, so to speak.

    Therefore, again in hindsight, it's not surprising why the PSL failed to take off. In short, the Hail Mary pass barely managed to make it past the Quarterback's extended arm.

    But that brings me back to my original hypotheses, i.e. the PSL is not relevant, really. It is in reality a secondary consequence of the primary goal, which is as follows:

    The PCB and Pakistani fans want international cricket to return to their country.

    From that core perspective, the PSL is just one step, one aspect even, of what is (or should be) a multi-pronged exercise. The success of the PSL would have been a great leap forward in accomplishing this goal. In contrast PSL's failure is not, or should not be regarded as anything more than a temporary setback.

    So what should the PCB do?

    For one, don't forget the core goal, and get lost in comparative side issues (which are important) such as PSL.

    Two, a fundamental aspect of accomplishing business success is to break down the goal into its component categories. Instead of spending all its time on preparing for another season of PSL next year, PCB should identify 'mini-goals' that are a subset of the larger goals and go about achieving those. Instead of risking everything on a big concept PSL, PCB should also try for the small wins that aggregate into the overall objective in the long term.

    What are these 'small wins'?

    First, try and get a few international players to play in Pakistan for domestic tourneys on a consistent basis.

    Second, start with the players of the 'secondary cricket' nations, maybe associate nations such as Afghanistan (being done already?), Ireland, Zimbabwe.

    Third, work your way up to the players of lower ranked Test teams such as Bangladesh.

    Fourth, get the superstars of Windies and New Zealand (Gayle, McCullum) to play in one off games

    Fifth, Organize one ' international super star game' with internationals from around the world. Ramp this up in terms of player quality and number of games.

    This is how it would work over the next one or two years. It is just one example of breaking down a goal and operationalizing it's components, provided that there is overall goal clarity. Instead of going for the popular, big wins, PCB should try to accomplish 'quieter', smaller, bite sized goals that over a period of time can add up to the ultimate goal.

    There is one last point; some Pakistani fans may deny that Pakistan is at all capable of holding an international game in their country because of the security situation. If this is indeed true, then the entire exercise outlined above can be questioned. However, in that case the very concept of holding a PSL outside of Pakistan is also, in my opinion, weak. What would be the point of a PSL held in the UAE? Will it make money? Many IPL teams are yet to break even after all this while. Is it to provide a venue for Pakistani fans to congregate? But Pakistani fans are passionate enough to go anywhere where their players play, what does a PSL do that is incremental? Also holding the PSL in any other location mitigates against a core goal of bringing international cricket back to Pakistan, or at the very least postpones it significantly.

    So I would reiterate, know what you want, and figure out baby steps to get there. We all want to make the grandiose, flashy accomplishment, but more often than not the real wins come small and come often.
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