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    There is no Rift Between us : Misbah and Hafeez [Audio]

    Misbah-ul-Haq and Mohammad Hafeez held a press conference today in Lahore after the media published reports about a rift between the two players.


    Thoughts on Departmental Cricket

    Departmental cricket has always been tough, since all professional and experienced players participate so I think it is quite a tough competition since all the best teams and players are playing, which is quite beneficial to us.

    Squad for Champions Trophy

    We will assess the performances and form of existing players in the Pakistan squad, as well as those who have played for Pakistan in the past, before making any decision regarding the squad for the Champions Trophy.

    On Whether Misbah Feels People Are Conspiring Against Him

    I said this in a press conference when I was in South Africa as well – whenever the team loses these baseless stories start popping up.

    We have to learn that the reason for losing is not always due to rifts in the team!

    When the other team is outplaying you in every single department, you will lose. We should accept that and not look for other excuses.

    When we as players are willing to accept that they [South Africa] played good cricket and outplayed us in every department and beat us, there is no need to look for any further negative reasons for the defeat.

    I denied it then and I will deny it again. The atmosphere in the team is fantastic and every player is trying his best.

    Thoughts on Ijaz Butt statement's

    It is fascinating that somebody so far away from the team can make assessments about the team.

    If there was something going on the players in the team would have found out first.

    I think such remarks by someone so far away from the team will never be correct.

    I have said this before – when a team loses there is not always some negative reason behind it. Sometimes the other team just plays really good cricket.

    Are you planning on taking these reporters to court?

    No we do not have time for such things

    These reports were started by analysts, who were in South Africa, based on things such as you not giving Hafeez overs in the last ODI – What are your views on this?

    Who are these analysts? Please do name them.

    Hafeez has a role in the side. We use his bowling when a left-handed batsmen is at the crease

    When Ingram came to bat, we gave Hafeez the ball and Hafeez got his wicket. After that AB de Villiers & Amla were at the crease and those were the players who were playing Ajmal and Hafeez with the most ease. Therefore, automatically we had remove the spinners and get the fast bowlers on.

    Now, if these analysts don’t understand this, they should not be analysts.

    If one batsman is playing against a bowler with ease, how can you bowl that bowler against him?

    As a nation we need to understand cricket so we do not believe anything and everything people say.

    Reason for Camp before Champions trophy & Pakistan's chances in the Champions Trophy

    Whenever you hold a camp, the reason for it is to get focused and for the team to gel before you go.

    You can make any plans you need for the tournament before you go and this is always very beneficial.

    You know before you go what your role is; you can stay focused and work on your plans in the camp.

    In one-day cricket, on the day, every team has a chance, especially the Pakistani team which has always been good in ODI’s and has the resources available. If we play well on the day we have a very good chance of winning.

    Pakistan has historically played well in England and I am very hopeful we will play well.

    Will you bring in new players – especially fast bowlers – for the English Conditions?

    I can’t comment on this at the moment.

    The selectors saw the T20 tournament and the on-going [domestic] One Day Tournament. The Champions Trophy is also a one-day tournament, so a clearer picture will be presented about the bowlers' form and fitness after this competition and it will be easy to pick the team.

    Some people Want a Local Coach – What Are Your Views?

    Every one has his own opinions and thoughts.

    I think whoever is working for the team is working for the betterment of the team.

    It is our responsibility as players to win matches for the team – the coach will only guide us.

    This is the same team which is supported by every person when we play well.

    Regarding Rift With Misbah

    There is nothing to say about it since there is no truth in it.

    It is unfortunate that some people are trying to cause rifts between Misbah and myself.

    There is no truth in all this – we are both very good friends and Misbah and also reiterated this point. The Pakistani team is very much united.

    For some reason there are certain channels and people in the media who start spreading stories with any proof, as in this case.

    When we were in South Africa, some news channel started spreading exactly the same story.

    I challenge anyone to try and prove that there has ever been any sort of fighting between Misah and myself.

    These sort of reports cause drifts, which aren’t even there, in the team and ruin the atmosphere in the Pakistani camp.

    I am requesting everyone to do what is best for Pakistan.

    If you do not even have any proof about anything please do not mix your personal agendas with the Pakistani cricket team.

    You struggled in South Africa after these stories broke – will these reports affect you in the Champions Trophy?

    No there is nothing like that at all.

    When you hear such baseless reports, you do think about them but you do not let them affect you performance.

    It is unfortunate that these things happen.

    The media is so strong in Pakistan, but there are some people in the media who like to spread baseless reports. If you have any proof then yes by all means goes ahead – but if you have no proof, these reports make things difficult for the Pakistani team and nation.

    Everybody believes what the media says around the world, no matter how much you deny it.

    I have said it before as well – Pakistani cricket is going through a rough patch and we are trying to improve the image of Pakistan by following the code of conduct and our performances, so all these baseless reports bring a negative spotlight with it.

    I don’t think these reports will affect the performance of me or any other player.

    Why is the media picking on you? We have had Haveez versus Razzaq, Hafeez moving from Faisalabad to Lahore now Hafeez versus Misbah.

    I do not know who the Mohammad Hafeez which the media is describing and portraying is.

    Mohammad Hafeez is in front of you and he believes in simplicity and hard work and has never been indisciplined so I have no idea why some people in the media are using my name and portraying me incorrectly.

    Firstly there is no fighting between Misbah and myself.

    Me and Razzaq are very good friends and we have a very solid relationship.

    I find such stories humorous and he [Razzaq] must do too.

    Razzaq was not even in Lahore during the T20, he was out of the country.

    If the only reason Razzaq did not play in the T20 was due to issues with me, why is he still not participating?

    You need to understand that spreading such baseless rumours about myself or any other player is an injustice with the Pakistani team and the whole nation.

    I insist that you only report things for which you have proof. If you do not have proof please do not link it to the Pakistani team or any player.

    Hafeez, reports suggest you wont play under Misbah if he is T20 captain?

    Misbah: I have already said I am not playing international T20.

    Hafeez: I have told you before that ever since I have been made the T20 captain the media is spreading stories about things which are not in my nature.

    The media always likes spreading these stories when we are on tour, since the PCB Code of Conduct prevents us from speaking to the media.

    Once again – these are baseless reports and there is no rift between Misbah and myself.

    Go ask the TV channel who ran the news about why he ran this news. If he is here then he should stand up and tell us we he ran that piece.

    All he has done is he tarnished the image of the Pakistani team and nation around the world.

    If these people think this is called “reporting” they are wrong – they are only causing Pakistan damage and nothing else.

    If the PCB makes me or Misbah captain as a player we have to serve Pakistan as long as possible.

    Captaincy never has and never will be an issue between us. We always play united as a team for Pakistan and will try make Pakistan proud.

    What Advice Would You Give Ijaz Butt?

    What advice can I give him? He is very much older then me.

    This is the first time I have heard these remarks from him.

    He is a very respectable personality.

    Such statements without any proof will be a injustice with the team.

    In the last 3 years – since 2010 – we as a team have been trying to clean up the dirt that was spread around about Pakistani cricket and are trying to improve the image of Pakistan in the world through our performances and good code of conduct. Such statements are just hurting Pakistan and have no proof
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    So that clears things up then?

    Big Cats...The Pride of PPCL.

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    I covered the press conference and Hafeez looked like prepared for all those silly questions. The media asked 80% of the questions based on rumours. It was very annoying on the ears.

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    What is with our media? Why are they soo after this image where hafeez comes bearing a sword and takes misbah down who is bearing an axe. then hafeez leads Pakistan to an age of domination the likes of never seen before in cricket.

    With CT coming up the last thing they should be doing is clearing such rumors and the last thing our media should be doing is asking for such clarification. Its like they are gunning for some news on infighting which are team has been free of under misbah captaincy.

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    both Hafeez and Misbah are mature individuals and don't make jazbati and needless statements..nice to see

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    Quote Originally Posted by asadee View Post
    both Hafeez and Misbah are mature individuals and don't make jazbati and needless statements..nice to see
    "Nothing wrong with my technique"

    sorry, could not resist

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    But why did Hafeez leave Wolves? If that was for the captaincy why didn't Misbah just step down from T20 captaincy and let Hafeez captain the Wolves.

    Clearly there are some ego-problems out there. Misbah wanted to keep captaining Wolves and Hafeez, who is the national T20 captain had to levae Wolves so he could become captain another place.

    They have created two problems here:

    Wolves have been weaker since Hafeez is a good T20 player. They could have needed his services in T20 qualifier in India later this year.

    Lahore Lions probably lost a good player in Abdul Razzaq. Yes he was not in the country but Hafeez could have been a reason for that.

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    The more this comedy double act try and suppress such ideas of a rift with these farcical scripted brotherly love statements the more substance is added to the notion there is a rift!!!! Fools

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    Hopefully this soap opera has now ended.

    I can't believe the amount of time the media and the players and the PCB have spent on this.

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