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    Stick Cricket - Information

    How to post in the match threads

    It's very simple. First you will have to play stick cricket 5 over exhibition slog (link:, with the the team that I'll indicate that you have to choose in the match thread.

    You can try playing the game as many times as you want, as long as you post a score before the deadline (which will be specified in the match thread).

    Once you are satisified with your score, take a screenshot of your innings with the SCORECARD and your USERNAME clearly visible (Note: a screenshot without your stick cricket username visible will not be accepted, so make sure that you are signed in before playing the game).

    Open up Microsoft Paint or any other graphics program and paste the screenshot in there.

    Save it to your computer (or on photobucket, etc.) and upload your picture (the screenshot) and post that on the match thread with a strikethrough (which indicates that it's your final score).

    Submit you score before the deadline ends or else your score will be not counted. DO NOT FAKE A SCREENSHOT, if you do you will be disqualified.

    Example of what your screenshot should look like:

    Here is the example of a match to give you a better idea:
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