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    Haseeb Hameed made 53no before rain curtailed day one of England's warm-up match with England Lions in Brisbane - The opener shared an unbroken stand of 98 with Rory Burns (39no)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamoon View Post
    Sure, if you complain about stereotyping and engage in virtue-signaling it would make me look like a racist.

    I am fine with that, but that still does not explain why almost 99% of British Asian players have proved to be failures, and the biggest success story (Nasser Hussain) was half-white.

    Surely it is more than just a coincidence and people know it as well. Unfortunately, they are too scared to talk about because they are afraid of being labeled racist, and that is what is wrong with the world today.

    As I said earlier, the insecurity of losing their place in the team and getting shafted for some white player is probably the major reason why British Asian players have not delivered on their potential.

    When almost 99% of the population in a sample produce similar results, it cannot be a coincidence.

    You could name 50+ white players since the 90s who have failed and I can do the same as well. However, the percentage of British Asian failures is certainly higher than the percentage of white failures.

    Sure, you can make the argument that if the number of Asian players and white players level out, the percentage of failures would even out.

    However, that is an assumption which is a little hard to believe when you look at the failure rate of Asian players based on around 20+ players over 3 decades.

    If over the next 2-3 decades, almost every player coming through KP cricket proves to be a failure, it would be naive to brush it aside as a coincidence or to justify it by stating that players from Punjab and Sindh fail as well. When the percentage is so high it would be simply naive to not look into the underlying reasons.

    As I said, people are too scared to call spade a spade because they are afraid of being labeled racists.
    They aren't backed like their white counterparts and their position is always under threat. We have clearly seen from this Yorkshire fiasco that there is blatant hatred against British Asians in England so that might explain it. England have played some serious bums in the last 20 years who have amounted to nothing.

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