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Yes always Raina is the man who comes up with clutch performances! There is always a "reliability" factor attached with him. Top class LOI asset (this man should not even think of Test Matches though!) Just because he has a problem with short pitch ball should not be such a big weakness against him. He still can do that "finisher" job for us! (Look at his record in IPL) Wonderful fielder (before Jadeja, he was considered as our best fielder ever!) and a very handy bowler (We can get rid of both Pandya and Ashwin at a time in LOIs and play a proper third seamer!) Should persist with him even more than Yuvaraj IMO.

And as far as Dhoni, if he was not a wicket-keeper there would be no objection whatsoever for his exit! Just that, just that only a wicket-keeper should replace him is the issue that is causing the problems (add to that his experience).
He is a walking wicket against decent pace attack now. They did not test him much with bouncers yesterday. England bowling is anyway garbage. He will be thrown well directed short balls by others and raina would succumb as usual. Has not improved his game against short balls a zilch.