Salman Butt speaking on TV:

"You cannot judge fitness of all players in one way; all humans are different"

"Main thing is that your skill is there then the fitness can be worked upon"

"But if you have told players about fitness and still doesnt keep fit then you are within your rights to discard"

"90% of the teams in domestic do not have the budget to have trainers or facilities"

"All top players in the world all play proper cricketing shots"

"Look at Saeed Anwar he was not well built but he had timing"

"You can have six or eight pack but if you dont have skills you cannot become a good cricketer; maybe you can become a model"

"Must have been a miserable failure for Umar Akmal to have been discarded"

"You can give me a fitness test now and I will pass it"

"Imran Khan carried many cricketers just based on the fact that they could win the match regardless of fitness"

"I am sure there is something more to UA being dropped - surely fitness cannot be the reason"

"I am very hopeful as I have done rehab, I have played ODs and played T20s; I played all 4 Days"

"All I need is encouragement and a call and then the rest is upto me"

"I should be ready for whichever format as I dont have a choice"

"There is a fine line between keeness and desperation but I want to play for Pakistan only"

"Unless you have a player who can play 45 overs and get 100 and others can play around him, you wont be able to chase 300"

"Babar definitely has material to play such an anchor innings"

"If I was playing selfishly then why isnt anyone else playing that innings?"

"Misbah plays slow when 4 wickets are down but I was opening the innings so you cant compare"

"No one seems to remember my good strike rates but only talk about other times"

"The strike rates do not matter as long as you are winning games"

"I wish all who have been selected the best but if someone doesnt perform well then I could be in the team; there is no rocket science there"

"I have not stopped anyone to try new players instead of me! Same criteria needs to be applied to me for selection as anyone else"

"If I comeback after 6.5 years and become one of the top player in all three formats then what does that show for me?"

"My circumstances do not allow me to think negatively in terms of things against me"

"Now its a matter of selectors saying they need a player such as me and there is no other reason for that"

"I am very grateful to people that they still want me back in the team"

"This is a balanced side and looking at domestic performances the selected squad is a deserving one"

"Shadab is an exciting talent; given a little time he can become an outstanding all-rounder if given time"

"My cricketing sense says that Shadab will be very unlucky if he doesnt establish himself in Pak team"

"Mohammad Asghar: A spinner cannot be solely judged on UAE tracks is not enough"

"Australia rested their big bowlers during series so fast-bowlers should be rested"

"You cannot compare the physique of Wasim Akram with current bowlers so its good to rest ours"

"You should not make inform players wait outside instead of making use of their form"

"It is a surprise that the top wicket taker on UAE tracks has not been selected but Sohail is good enough"

"It is not about relationships but about being match-winners when it comes to selection"

"Pitches in domestic cricket need to allow 300 to be scored and chased for our cricket to develop"

"Due to moisture all teams that win tosses simply bowl first"

"Our objective is to win games for Pakistan; We made mistakes and repented and asked for forgiveness; This is the type of things women talk about at home, professionals dont talk like that"

"Mohammad Amir is a natural talent and we must encourage him"

"Cricket boards can advise players on corruption but who can stop the outside people (bookies)?"