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    Aug 2006
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    Remembering Bob Woolmer - A Decade On

    This Saturday will mark the 10 year anniversary since Bob Woolmer passed away in his hotel room in Jamaica.

    I am sure everyone on this forum remembers that dark day in Pakistani cricket, and world cricket's history.

    The heartbreaking scenes coming from the hotel as vicious rumours circled with regards to the circumstances surrounding Bob's demise.

    Mushtaq Ahmed recently gave an interview in which he said:

    "I remember we all cried on that day and we couldn't control our emotions. I think he was the best coach at that time."
    Mushtaq's view was shared by many around the world. Inzi claimed in an interview that Bob was the Pakistani teams "Superman"

    Bob did wonders for the Pakistani team and he had absolutely amazing chemistry with the boys.

    He was a revolutionary coach, and someone who was constantly thinking out of the box. he was a pioneer of using technology within his coaching methods.

    Gone but never forgotten - Pakistani cricket was very fortunate to have a coach like Bob Woolmer.
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