After a heroic 100th test for the Tigers I decided to ask the question whether or not Bangladesh still deserve the Minnow tag.

Bangladesh have performed outstandingly in the past 2 years. It all started in the 2015 World Cup when they knocked out England and qualified for the QF's.

They may have not gone any further than the QF's in the World Cup but the rode that momentum forward to win consecutive ODI Series including teams like Pakistan, South Africa, and India. They eventually lost 2 ODI Series to an extremely good England and New Zealand side. But even in the losses Bangladesh were extremely competitive.

Their Test Match form has not been as great as their LOI form but they have certainly competed. Beating England and Sri Lanka in a match and drawing the series both times. They are certainly no slugs and have what it takes to become a top team.

My question is do you think Bangladesh deserve to be labeled a minnow, after there success in the past 2 years?