Just wondering how is it possible for India to refuse play us at any venue , home, neutral or away? Especially considering the fact that we are all ranked by same test team ranking.

So, would it be fair, if Pakistan just refused playing South Africa anywhere or Australia?

How could India get away with discriminating against us for so long? We could play at any venue and by boycotting us are the rankings even fair. Two teams in top 6 ( both been no 1 in last year) have not played in years?

What logic does India use that makes it ok for them to jsut refusing playing Pakistan in Dubai, Lanka etc?

Also out team went there in 2013 and thent20 wc 2016 and we play in major tournaments so how come they pick and choose what to play with us. Who gets the authority and why?

Not saying India ranking in danger if they play pak. I think India would beat us in most venues on current form. But this makes no sense