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    Jul 2015
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    Younis Khan announces retirement from international cricket

    Younis Khan speaking to the media.

    "There has been a lot of pressure on me about this announcement asking me not to do do this"

    "There comes a time when a player has to move on; I have always wanted to walk away with my head high"

    "A player can not always be fit or motivated so its best that Younis leaves this field"

    "I will always be around for all of you"

    "I am officially announcing that after the next series with West Indies, I will retire from international cricket"

    "I would like to thank my fans for their support; I have always wanted to represent my country as an ambassador"

    "I wanted to take Pakistan always forward to the next step"

    "Please forgive me for any mistakes I have made; sometimes I have been very aggressive so pls ignore those mistakes"

    "Some people in media already knew about this decisions so this not sudden"

    "When I crossed JM's record, then I wanted to retire but then I was motivated to get to 10K so I have to stop somewhere"

    "I am not in the right age where I can play for another 5 years"

    "We should always so no to anything wrong and we should make a stand against any wrongdoing"

    "Life does not stop if one player leaves"

    "When I came into the Pak dressing room, I had some bigger players and I used to think the same but we adjusted well after that to win 2009WC"

    "I met the PCB Chairman myself and shared this info with him and so its not like I went in there without planning"

    "Sarfraz is best choice for Pakistan Test captain"

    "The 2-3 days after BWs death were the saddest days of my life"

    "There were only a few days in my career where I was not supported by media and people"

    "I took those criticisms or harsh words to use to motivate myself and I became more positive and improved my performance"

    "I will not make U-turn as then people will start saying I do u-turns so I wont change mind"

    "I was told by people that when you play in ODIs stay not out so your average increases but I did what is best for Pakistan"
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