now the real cricket starts.

given that this is a golden opportunity to secure a first test series win, I would imagine there will be no experimentation and the team will be a sub-optimal mix of tired players.

squad: misbah, asad, azhar, babar, sarfraz, ahmed, hasan, abbas, amir, asghar, shadab, shan, salahuddin, wahab, yasir, younis.


1. shan 2. azhar 3. younis 4. babar 5. misbah 6. asad 7. sarfraz 8. yasir 9. wahab 10. amir 11. hasan

my favoured team:

1. shehzad 2. azhar 3. younis 4. salahuddin 5. misbah 6. asad 7. sarfraz 8. yasir 9. amir if fit otherwise asghar 10. hasan 11. abbas

I think its pretty clear that wahab and amir are in serious need of rest.

shan is crap.

salahuddins fc record is vastly superior to babar's.

no third seamer in the squads which is why the only choices left would be shadab - who will be way way out of his league as could be seen from his struggles in the 50-over format - and asghar who is entirely unproven but has decent fc stats.

abbas has by far the best fc starts of all the bowlers in the squad, with hasan and amir close behind and wahab way, way, away and by far the worst.