Younis Khan at a press conference:

"My 10,099 runs didn't come with the water or they weren't brought by the wind. My 17 years' hard work is not the only thing behind them. Behind these 17 years, there's another 17 years of hard work. 34-35 years of my 40 years have been spent on cricket plus support and hard work from my family, brothers, friends and coaches over these many years have all led to this."

"These 10,000 runs shouldn't be taken for granted, they are the result of a lot of hard work. Respect them, respect me and also respect those who have even scored one run for Pakistan."

(If PCB made an offer would you leave UBL?)
"I have been working with UBL which is my bread and butter. I joined them because of their community work which I intend on taking part in regularly. Many franchises in PSL and in other countries have approached me but I wish to keep myself open, I don't want to be bonded with one. I am working for Edhi, TCF, Indus Hospital and I try to keep myself open. However, if someone calls me with respect through the proper channels then I would definitely consider it. Wherever I get an opportunity, I am willing to help."

"The credit for Pakistan's win against India goes to the players and the management. The comeback by the team was amazing. Sarfraz Ahmed and the team and management is completely deserving of all the praise they have received, and they deserve even more appreciation than they have received. It shouldn't be like when I came after winning the WT20 2009 and people soon forgot, there wasn't a lot of appreciation for it."