Sarfraz Ahmed at a press conference in Karachi today:

"It doesn't work like this that new players are coming in so seniors are all immediately discarded. Our team is a brilliant combination of both juniors and seniors. Seniors are also needed in the team. When the junior players come into the team, they may not have an idea of how to deal with different situations. Seniors have been through different situations and know how to deal with them which is beneficial to the team. If they are performing well and have made a good combination with the juniors then they should definitely be kept together."

"We come in the limelight but I think we should also pay tribute to those behind the scenes who have brought us here with their services to cricket. The likes of Azam Khan, Moin Khan and many more have always given us support. These are the people who always supported me in difficult times and gave me good advice and didn't let me be disheartened."

"The CT win has raised the expectations from the whole country and fans. We have discussed and we know that we need to bring consistency to our game and the team. Consistency is our main target going forward."

"We've been touring constantly since the England tour last year with visits to NZ, Australia and then the PSL, WI and CT. It's true that there is a gap now but many of the players are busy playing in different leagues and there is a camp underway. We can work on our fitness during this period and we intend on making full use of this gap by improving and working on our weaknesses."

"It's a big opportunity for me that I've received an offer to play for a county and hopefully it will be a good experience. People have always given positive feedback previously and God-willing if I go there soon, I will learn a lot and I will also pass on to the knowledge to the other players here."

"It was a big decision to drop Ahmed after the first match as he had been a regular in the side in the recent past so it was a brave decision that the coach and I took together. I have played with Fakhar a lot in Karachi and it's true that he completely changed the momentum for us. With him, we took Azhar as we wanted a player who can face the new ball well. He played good innings throughout. Fakhar from the start didn't let us feel like he was a newbie and did well and kept improving, he deserves full credit."

"After the CT I said that the international teams are recognising Pakistan. They know that the loss we have endured during the last 9 years of having no cricket at home is something no other country has experienced. We have no home advantage at all. Dubai provides some familiar conditions but the atmosphere is completely different."

"Teams are going to England and there are a lot of problems there too. Cricket teams should start coming to Pakistan now. International players in the form of football and squash players have recently come to Pakistan and that is a good sign. We all hope that international cricket comes back to Pakistan soon."

"Players come from domestic cricket and develop in PSL also. PSL provides a platform for domestic performers who haven't gotten a chance on the biggest stage to show their skills and push for national team selection. A lot of our players are benefiting from the international atmosphere and is reducing the gap between domestic cricket and international cricket."

"As for criticism, it's completely necessary when the team plays badly but it shouldn't be over the top. People start getting personal and start spreading rumours about things that aren't true. These things have a big effect on us. The pressure is so much when we're losing that we can find it difficult to sleep. The extreme criticism after the loss to India was hurtful. We are players for Pakistan, sometimes we make mistakes. People should try to overlook those mistakes and forgive us, or at least refrain from over the top criticism."