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    Jan 2011
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    Batting comments

    Hi guys I uploaded a video of me batting against a hard plastic ball which bounced more than normal and against a side arm pro. please let me know if there is anything i can improve on as i want to become a better batsman. thank you.

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    May 2005
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    I only watched the first few shots but what jumps out is how much you're moving before release. If you watch top class batsmen, even the ones with big trigger movements, at the moment of release their heads are still and their eyes are level.

    If you watch yourself, you seem so anxious that your feet are moving up and down, your bat is waving all over the place and as a result your head and eyes aren't still.

    So the first, and most important, piece of advice:


    Leading on from that, stop trying to hit the ball so hard every time. Your balance is all over the place whenever the ball was a bit wide of off stump in the first half of the video. It improved towards the end as you relaxed/got tired. Compare and contrast:

    Finally, stop filming vertical videos.

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