Najam Sethi speaking to the media:

"Dave Cameron (WICB), will be arriving to watch match on 15th, Dave Richardson (ICC) will be arriving to witness the match on 15th September"

"I also sent out invitations to couple of other boards but they expressed their regrets due to the short notice"

"It's a great day for people of Pakistan and this is all happening due to their good wishes and prayers"

"If this was not the case, then who knows how long it would have taken for this to happen"

Giles Clarke speaking to the media:

"These are all small steps in a long journey, and those steps have been taken by the Pakistan people, Government and security agencies more than anyone else as well as the team I have brought with me for whom I have the greatest admiration"

"It's been a long road and as you will remember, the ICC decided not play the Champions Trophy in 2008 and then that was followed by the outrage in 2009"

"I am happy that we have the full support of FICA and the security consultants"