Here I am ranking the stylish and elegant batsmen of the game in order of merit.This excludes many greats who were technically great , powerful strikers or great strokemakers. .It just includes the batsmen who were very graceful.Thus the likes of Bradman, Hobbs, Viv Richards,Gavaskar,Tendulkar,Miandad,Dravid ,Border and Ponting excluded.This list ranks the stylists in order of their overall merit and not on the basis of their pure style or elegance.i.e Zaheer or Azhar were more stylish than Greg Chappell or Lara but not equal on merit overall and the same case is between David Gower and Rohan Kanhai. Strange that only 3 of my list of stylists averaged above 50.

Apologize if I have left some great names but remember these choices are subjective.

1.Brian Lara
2.Greg Chappell
3.Victor Trumper
4.Rohan Kanhai
5.Denis Compton
8.Frank Worrell
9.Martin crowe
10.David Gower
11.Ted Dexter
12.Mahela Jayewaradene
13.Mark Waugh
14.Aravinda de Silva
15.Zaheer Abbas
16.Gundappa Vishwanath
17.Mohammad Azharuddin
18.Majid Khan
19.Saed Anwar
20.Lawrence Rowe