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Ravi Shastri is proof that maybe a side needs a powerful motivator who strikes that perfect balance between letting the team freely express themselves and be a father figure. Anil Kumble behaved very professionally in the coaching interview process and was a hard task master but the team just did not respond to him in the same way resulting in a rift but when Shastri took over the coaching role on Kohli's insistence, India's performances have been in front of us.

Shastri is also not as tactically dumb as people think he is, Bharat Arun himself acknowledged that the brain child between India's middle, off to middle stump line, fielders on the leg side ploy in Australia which totally squeezed Australia's scoring run rate was Ravi Shastri and he told Bharat Arun to work judiciously with the bowlers for months on how they will execute it. No side had ever worked out how to torture the Australian batsmen especially Steve Smith in Australia like this before and i can guarantee you that future teams touring Australia will take a leaf out of these tactics and apply it.
POTW, Most sensible post on this thread.