Came across this on another forum and thought some of you lot might be interested.


This study considered the performance of cricket bats and balls. A test apparatus to measure bat and ball properties at impact speeds representative of play conditions was shown to have utility in comparing bat and ball response. It was found that a cricket ball impacted on the seam had a 1.1% and 1.6% higher COR and dynamic stiffness, respectively, than face impacts. It was also observed that the construction of cricket balls can differ significantly. These differences were observed to have a measurable effect on the ball response and repeatability. The knock-in process and willow species were found to have a relatively small effect on performance of less than 1%. The contribution of a reinforcing composite skin to the back surface of the bat was also relatively small (1.4%), although larger than the effect of knock-in or willow species.

Might buy a Kashmir willow bat and test this out