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    "Would be an honour for anyone if given opportunity to coach national or Under19 side" : Younis Khan

    Former Pakistan batsman, Younis Khan, speaking on TV:

    "Anyone who is offered this opportunity (to coach Pakistan U19) will be ready (and willing) take this job"

    "It is a big honour for a person if he can do some service for the Pakistan team at any level, be it U19 or the national team."

    "I am very much against this ( mentality of pointing out the problems in the team) only when the team starts to lose"

    "I am shocked to see that when the team is winning then most of us don't think about how they can still improve."

    "If we look at the previous U19 Asia Cup, Rahul dravid was also there as coach but India wasn't able to get very far into the tournament"

    "Nevertheless, India didn't remove any one (coaching staff) from the team"

    "Careful planning needs to be done for these U19 teams"

    "We see how India has Rahul Dravid and when I looked at the England dugout, I saw Jonathan Trott, who has been a top player for England"

    "Look, they have a proper system in play in those countries"

    "If I was with the team at the moment and we had still lost to India, and of course I wouldn't have been able to go play with the team in the ground"

    "Would same (negative) things be said about me as well now?"

    "Would they be saying, Younis Khan has not been able to deliver despite taking so much money and being such a big name"

    "We have to talk about the system."

    "What I see now is that we were criticising the national team before but now they have won the T20I series against New Zealand we have become content"

    "Now we are talking about the U19 team and saying that they have bad players"

    "Those who dislike the management are talking about management, and those who are against selectors are saying selectors are not good"

    "This should not happem. This is a young team from our country and we should give them encouragement at this time"
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