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PCB should forget about the MOU issue as Pakistan cricket has already proven beyond all doubt that money isn’t everything in sport.

It is no big secret that GOI prevent BCCI from playing bilateral series with Pakistan due to political tensions (though they do play each other in other sports mind you!). I mean every man and his pet goldfish knows that Pakistan vs. India series is the biggest money earner – BCCI with their greed - would never turn down the opportunity to earn coin. Then again GOI think depriving PCB/Pakistani players from earning money will make a difference! It has not, it will not.

As for why India plays Pakistan in ICC tournaments, well the answer is simple. If GOI extend their influence on ICC tournaments then it simply means India must refuse to play Pakistan and as a result, India will forfeit the game and points will be awarded to Pakistan. There is no way GOI will allow Pakistan to take advantage over India like this because it makes BCCI/India look weak and pathetic at the global stage, especially if it turns out India get knocked out of a tournament due to points! India losing to Pakistan is one thing, but India losing to Pakistan without lifting bat/ball is quite another.

Hence the Test Championship is going to be very interesting. Do India forfeit matches and award Pakistan points at the expense of GOI's stance and feeble pride? It would do wonders for the already widening W/L ratio in Pakistan's favour anyway!
While drafting Test Championship playing conditions by ICC, BCCI made sure that Ind not required to play Pak in bilateral series. The caveat is each team can play only 6 test teams in a Championship cycle; so BCCI can choose 6 teams excluding Pak every time.

Only Ind need to play if both teams reach finals of test Championship. Final most probably will be held in neutral venue like Lords; that match Ind will play lick WC event.

PS: with current state of Pak test team they reaching Final is distant possibility. Not be easy unless Pak gets good replacements for MisYo. Pak team can turn things around in Tests but it will take time.