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    [VIDEO] Kevin Pietersen says he won't go to Pakistan if Quetta progress to latter stages of PSL 3

    Kevin Pietersen at a presser a short while ago:

    "Desperate for Nadeem Omar to get a trophy, he's a kind, wonderful man. Whether we win or lose, we enjoy together. What Nadeem and Sarfaraz have created is a family team."

    "The Omar family is a wonderful family, they're incredibly humble, they're not super emotional like a lot of the other owners, they don't go dancing in the crowds but they give us their full support and we know they back us. If we lose, the smile is still there and likewise if we win."

    "Pakistan is lucky to have Sarfaraz as a captain, all the players like him and he's got a very good cricket brain."

    "The World Cup is only 12 months away and I think it would be a very clever decision for the PCB to say to him 'You are leading our team to the World Cup' because you can't replace your captain 12 months before the World Cup. If you replace your captain after he's done well like Sarfaraz, and he's a good captain and leader, the next captain will think he can be replaced before the World Cup too. You back your captain and your players feel safe too."

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