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    PCB changes dates for West Indies series in Pakistan, matches on 1/2/3 April in Karachi [Update #17]

    Najam Sethi speaking in a presser in Dubai

    "I will tell you why that is; I have been working day and night to negotiate with the CWI which I have concluded just an hour ago"

    "The good news is that and we have come to an agreement that WI that they will play 3 T20Is, as announced before, on 1st ,2nd and 4th April "

    "These matches will be held in Karachi"

    "The PSL games will be held in Lahore and the final in Karachi"

    "The Karachi people should welcome this as should all of Pakistan"

    "There is a perception that stadiums are empty and that is true to a certain extent"

    "But when we compare it to PSL & PSL 2, the data shows that the picture (of attendances) in Dubai is same as last year and its better than last year in Sharjah"

    "Then it comes to the idea that we haven't made much efforts in marketing etc? the answer is No"

    "There was a possibility that we could get labourers and others for free but that is not possible as we arent allowed to give away free tickets"

    "We have been given free buses by Dubai authorities and even after that we are not seeing that kind of response which we expected"

    "We didnt consider Abu Dhabi as a venue as the production expenses in 3 venues is about 6-700k USD"

    "We have made a formal statement that we will be making a determined effort to take PSL to Pakistan ASAP"

    "What does ASAP mean? It can mean next year or the year after"

    "I have told my infrastructure guys that the Karachi and 'Pindi stadiums should be fully prepared as Multan and Lahore already ready - Karachi we already know is not fully ready , as you all know"

    "We had to take a bitter pill for Karachi as the demand was so much"

    "WE wanted to show the world that Karachi is a safe city and thats why we wanted to play there"

    "Thats why we have cut corners and got Karachi ready"

    "Some people are worried that there is no Chairman's box at NSK, so what? I will go and sit somewhere in front"

    "There is nothing to worry about, I had told you there would be a match there and Inshallah its happening there"

    "WE have contracted Reg Dickason to oversee the WI tour as well"

    "This is a one off tour as its a loss making enterprise; the idea is not to make or lose money but idea was to bring cricket back"
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