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    [VIDEOS/PHOTOS] Players Memories: Umar Gul

    Following on from the thread about Mohammad Amir - I thought the next player worth having a look at would be Umar Gul.

    I really got the idea from Sky Sports, who do a great job of providing interviews and insights into various English players and key moments from their careers. The players could be house hold names such as Flintoff & Botham - or the lesser known names such as Rob Key and Mark Ramprakash. In general Sky does a great job of providing their players with a platform to reflect on key moments on their playing days, whilst Pakistani media outlets on the other hand - well - the less said the better (as was evident in the Amir thread)

    The Amir thread was a perfect example of the Pakistani fans being fantastic at remembering all the negatives, trashing their players and burring them - hopefully this time things will be different

    If not - probably best I shelf this idea since there are tons of threads where posters can - and do - go to post their hatred for certain Pakistani players.

    ICC World T20 2009

    Numerous brilliant performances by Gul during this competition - however the two that stick out in my mind are the 5 wicket haul vs NZ which turned fortunes around for Pakistan and the death bowling by Gul VS SA in the Semi Final

    Umar Gul vs England, London 2010

    In the 3rd and 4th ODI, after Pakistan had been hit hard by the spot fixing scandal, the ODI series was all but lost, however, Gul helpes Pakistan bounce back in style winning two ODI's in a row. Eventually Pakistan did lose the 5th ODI and consequently the series, however Guls 10 wickets in the 2 matches, gave Pakistan cricket a much needed boost during a very dark time

    Umar Gul vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2012

    This time it was with the bat. Gul came in to bat with Pakistan on 76/7 and the game all but lost. However, an outstanding batting performance by Gul helped push Pakistan over the line and earn us a much needed win.

    So what are some of your fondest memories of Umar Gul?

    And if you want to see Gul getting smacked around the ground to all parts please go to one of the other many many threads available of fans moaning, whining and complaining about players

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    Oct 2010
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    That match against South Africa in the World T20 where he won it with the bat.

    That spell against England where England were cruising to victory then Gul turned it around at the end. My relatives were at that match but actually left early thinking England were gonna win. Boy did they regret that. Also, his spell against New Zealand in the 2009 World T20. He was great in his peak

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