Waqar Younis speaking on TV:

"Although it was a series against a weaker team, the good thing is that an avenue (for resumption of international cricket) has opened for Pakistan"

"It was said before that Karachi was not a safe place and matches were not being played here"

"I would say that Karachi is one of the safest cities of Pakistan"

"I was really impressed at that crowd turn out for essentially a dead-rubber game"

"After the result of the first game when WI were bowled out for 60 , I thought that we may not get the same number of people in the crowd but it was amazing to see people turn up in numbers"

"People of Karachi were hungry for cricket"

"International cricket returned after a long time to Karachi and people really enjoyed it; it was like a 'mela' or a festival, and it was entertainment for all"

"Beggars can't be choosers, you need to understand that" [Talking about the WI team being weak and the series not that competitive]

"You will need to take baby steps to restore cricket and along the way there will be refusals (to tour Pakistan) also"

"We have struggled 9 years (to get intl cricket back home) so it will take some time for confidence (in Pakistan as as a safe country) to return back to normal"

"Good thing is that all people, including ICC and the media, who are visiting us are going away with a good impression and giving us 10/10 (for arrangements), so I will say its a wonderful thing to happen"

"We hear that half of PSL will be played in Pakistan so hopefully, the day when a Test series will be played here is also not that far away"

"If PSL games are played in Pakistan, then it will be a huge breakthrough"

"The same guys who played in the PSL like Badree, Walton, Fletcher came to Pakistan as they felt comfortable"

"In T20 bowlers have gone on defensive; as a coach I tell the bowlers that you have 24 balls and you be responsible and not bowl a single bad ball"

"In the old days, a captain would never change a bowler just because he got hit for one or 2 fours"

"Cricket has changed but I would say it a good change"

"Its a batsman's game; you have made pitches flat and made bats so thick and the moment there is some tampering, you create so much 'khup' (fuss)"

"They are saying lets kill reverse swing - Why would you do that? I don't understand that, its an art"

"I would say use one make of ball ( one type of leather) and make sure that reverse swing comes into play after 40 overs and then use that art to put some kind of check on batsman

"You can use SG, reader ball which after 30 overs (will reverse) and you dont need to put sand-paper on it"

"How may cricketers want to play Test cricket? Priorities have changed"

"The priority now is IPL where a cricketer can earn $2 million whereas here he will get $25k here (coming to Pakistan)"

"Even today, if you gave me a choice to play OD, T20 or Test cricket, I would still play Test cricket"

"Even in the old days we had people who went to play for Kerry Packer"

"There is a lot of money now in cricket and a few leagues have sprung up but its the responsibility of cricket boards to make sure that international cricket does not die out"

"The reason why our team is number one in T20Is is because our guys don't participate in IPL"

"Because of not playing IPL, our boys are down to earth and they want to play international cricket"

"When a kid starts to play cricket, he doesnt do it thinking he will earn millions; instead he does that because of his love for cricket"